Femme Space: A Reclamation Project


Femme Space exhibitionBetti Ono Gallery & Qcc present
Femme Space: A Reclamation Project
June 17 – Opening Reception
Betti Ono Gallery, 6 – 9pm
Amanda Arkansassy Harris in collaboration with epli & The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, 5FACES PROJECT
$10-$15, NOTAFLOF

More Information: www.femmespace.net
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/events/215126488876947/


“If you don’t see femmes as queers, it’s because you choose to not see us. You are invested in our erasure. We are here. We have always been here.”  – Dulce aka Fierce Femme, participant

Femme Space is a photo project exploring queer femme identity and reclamation of space. Queer femmes of all genders choose locations and co-conspire with photographer, Amanda Arkansassy Harris to reclaim sites of marginalization, erasure and invisibility through portraiture. Femme Space exists to draw attention to the experiences of queer femmes and amplify our stories in art and media. Join us to see portraits exploring femme identity, survival
and resilience! + 5 performances/rituals from the 5Faces of The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins all evening long.


Amanda Arkansassy HarrisAmanda Arkansassy Harris is a queer high femme charmer from the South. She was the co-curator of Y’all Come Back: Stories of Queer Southern Migration in the 2015 National Queer Arts Festival, where she exhibited portraits in her EXODUS series.

Her photographs have been published in Glitter & Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Galaxy, G.R.I.T.S.: An Anthology of Southern Queer Womyn’s Voices, Towards the “Other” America: Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter, as well as various online sources including Al Jazeera America. She believes in the future of the femme oligarchy and the power of portraits to tell stories.

Creating Queer Community

Creating Queer Community