Kriss De Jong and Eliot Daughtry of Killer Banshee Studios
Friday June 21; 6-8 pm (Opening)
Saturday, June 22; 1-8 pm (6-8 pm Reception)
Tuesday June 25 thru Saturday June 29, 1-4 pm

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 21, 2002; 6pm & Saturday, June 22, 2002; 6pm

Combining works in conversions of media, Flux is a display of ancient technique combined with modern technology. Works in traditional forms flow from computer manipulated drawings, and become paintings, panels and sculpture; while paintings become projections. Threads of thought are caught as a singular image, and narrative, while suggested, is open to interpretation. Flux combines art and the technology of making art in a comprehensive array of media and techniques, and resonates on concepts of gender, change, transformation, and personal mythology. More info: www.killerbanshee.com.

Eliot Daughtry is an interdisciplinary artist working at the crossroads of art and technology. Eliot’s latest work is primarily in acrylic, wood, stained glass & vitreous painting; combining ancient form with a distinct formal vision. Eliot works in abstract narratives that address gender, technology and urban themes.

From the mid 80’s to the early 90’s, Eliot built immersive installations engulfing entire rooms that combined painting, sculpture and later, sound, video and performance. During the same time, he composed numerous scores for performance artists working in Chicago and started a performance documentation service for artists at The Center for New Television.

Eliot’s visual work has been presented at ARC Gallery, Beret International, and N.A.M.E. in Chicago, Land of Frienz and West Oakland Day of Art at the Noodle Factory in Oakland. As part of Passiondoll, an experimental music performance group, he has performed at the Vic Theatre in Chicago, and in San Francisco at The Lab and 111 Minna.

Kriss De Jong is a multimedium artist working in art & technology. Kriss is currently working on canvas, wood panel & paper using ink, acrylic and a digital derivative of trompe l’oeil collage technique. Other current works include acrylic, wood, sculptural and functional art, sound and projection. Kriss works in highly stylized and deeply textured figurative abstrations.

Recent art exhibitions include Land of Frienz & West Oakland Day of Art at The Noodle Factory in Oakland and the Pilsen Art walk in Chicago.

Shows in recent years include performance pieces at 111 Minna & the Lab in SF as Passiondoll, Michigan Arts in a Co-Production between Killer Banshee Productions and Abiogenesis on disability & nuclear emergency planning, Trip Hop Tango on disability and sexuality at National Women’s Music Fest and at venues in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI. Kriss (kbanshee) has performed Internationally including Wembly Stadium-London, New Music Center at the Pompidou-Paris & Electromuse-Seattle with performance group Bad’n’Wrong co-founded with Eliot Daughtry (koyote). Kriss also performed with the Koninklijk Conservatory Orchestra of Belgium in the late 80’s