Garage – Allstars 4

gas4domin June 23 & 24
Garage – Allstars 4
The Garage
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Dominika Bednarska
The final Garage Allstars edition features performances from Trashina Cann, Dominika Bednarska and Nia Witherspoon.

In a short journey from 3 to 48 years old, Randen, Trixie, Trashina Cann present On Stand. Multiple characters represent themselves and their common bond. Randen, born Kandy Kane, Kandy’s Mother and Grandmother come together to defend and incriminate her in this trial of pointing blame.

My Body Love Story chronicles one of the most important relationships that we have: the one with our own body. Queer disabled femme Dominika Bednarska takes us through dance floors, shopping malls, and theaters to tell the story of how she learned to love her body. Using dance, poetry, monologues, and humor it explores the one relationship that you can’t ever end.

Messiah, a butch twenty-something DJ struggling with the legacy of Black Nationalism bumps into her estranged father, and the past floods the present. As Messiah’s life unravels, a secret is revealed about her past, but through it, a revelation about Black Power in the NOW. Messiah must face her ghosts and rediscover earth-ways to be reborn in diaspora. Nia Witherspoon is an emerging Bay Area multi-disciplinary artist-scholar, with singing and writing as primary mediums. Nia is currently in a Drama PhD program at Stanford, and does her artistic work under the mentorship of Cherrie Moraga.