Have Tassels will Travel

havetassles June 23
Have Tassels will Travel
Satan’s Angel
Café du Nord
Tickets: $20
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Tickets via Café du Nord only. www.cafedunord.com 415-861-5016
Have Tassels Will Travel is a story of fame, fortune, fire tassels and survival. Listen as The Devil’s Own Mistress, Satan’s Angel tells her stories, shows slides and her costumes from her times performing at San Francisco’s Condor Club, the Las Vegas Strip, Paris’ Folies Bergéré, and Bob Hope’s USO Tour – not to mention the kiss-and-tell adventures of dating Clint Eastwood, Janis Joplin, Hedy Lamarr and Bobby Darin. After the glory of fame comes the downfall but she rises like a Phoenix and back to being the “Legend of the Year” in the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Also features performances by Miss De Minna and Lady Monster (Satans Angel’s protégé). You will never see this event again. Come for a once in a lifetime opportunity, performance and party. http://www.satansangel.com/TOUR.html

Photo: Brian Smith