Helle Grøndah
Dimensions Variable
Artist  StatementArt  and  gender  as  appropriations,  reproductions  and  repetitionsMy  artistic  project  deals  with  gender  and  identity  as  a  transformative  action  and  views the   search   for   identity   as   ” …a   transformative   exercise,   an   example   of   desire itself   as transformative  activity”  (Gender  Outlaw,  K.  Bornstein).  It’s  my  wish  that  the  art  should function   as   a   platform   where   dialogues   can   happen.   Social   change   will   not   happen through   the   artworks   alone,   but   through   the   dialogues   and   discussions   they  have the power to create.My aim is to reconstruct the negative and passive performativity of gender  and  turning  it  around  to  becoming  an active  positive act of gendered behavior.In my work I use appropriation, copying, imitation and reproduction to comment on, reveal  and  deconstruct  the  ideas  of  originality,  art,  identity,  gender  and  sex.Through  the use  of  found  and  already  existing  images we  can both  reveal  and  suspend  the  truths  we take   for   granted. Paving the way for queer perspectives, looking towards a queer horizon.