Indira Allegra The word text is rooted in the Latin verb texere, which means ‘to weave’. I am a writer and performance artist thinking through craft, generating texts that exist […]

 Nafis White   Black Gold Through my work I explore issues of politics, identity, race and landscape, using personal narratives to lead and direct the conversation with the viewer. My approach […]

Wilma van de Hel   Images removed at the request of the artist. 5 Photos Artist Statment Gender is a theme in my work for many years. I worked a […]

William Ulrich   Ulrich – L’Hotel Voyeur 4  L’Hotel Voyeur: An InstallationMy last twenty years have been spent mostly as a painter in a variety of media. I have experimented […]

Courtney Trouble      “Queer In San Francisco,” Digital Photograph, 2013 “Queer Porn Aftercare,” Digital Photograph, 2014 Artist Statement“I’ve removed myself from the labels that no longer define me. I […]

Sanh Tran   Untitled No. 70 (Veil) Medium: Photography, Digital C-Print Dimensions: 20” (W) x 30” (H) Bedroom Scene No. 1 Medium: Photography, Digital C-Print Dimensions: 36” (W) x 24” […]

Dorian Katz & Marlene Hoeber she says I’m the sexiest thing alive, digital photograph, 16 inches X 10.25 inches, 2015</> Artist StatementHooray! Gay Marriage! could be an alternate title for […]

Aron Kantor   BEARMANIA HD Video, 2014 This is a glitterbomb.  Emerging from primordial darkness, two men blur the lines between violence and sex in a swamp of glitter, […]

Katie Kaapcke  Installation photos from the exhibition will be available on June 4th.  #LEXBATHROOMSELFIE Project Description The closing of the famous San Francisco institution The Lexington Club, is a direct […]

Jon Henry + We Are Here Collective         We Are Here Collective.We Are Here, creates cultural opportunities for folks in our rural city of Harrisonburg, VA.The Posters […]