Indira Allegra The word text is rooted in the Latin verb texere, which means ‘to weave’. I am a writer and performance artist thinking through craft, generating texts that exist as woven objects and time-based works. By performing craft processes, I explore alternate modes by which documentation can occur. By securing warp threads to my […]

 Nafis White   Black Gold Through my work I explore issues of politics, identity, race and landscape, using personal narratives to lead and direct the conversation with the viewer. My approach is one that is heavily influenced by conceptualism and aesthetics. I layer the artworks in a way that welcomes the audience by crafting multiple entry […]

Wilma van de Hel   Images removed at the request of the artist. 5 Photos Artist Statment Gender is a theme in my work for many years. I worked a lot with transgenders and femininity. The series I’m working on is about men.I interview men about their personal struggles with masculinity and/or femininity. Parts of […]

William Ulrich   Ulrich – L’Hotel Voyeur 4  L’Hotel Voyeur: An InstallationMy last twenty years have been spent mostly as a painter in a variety of media. I have experimented with mixed media pieces using salvaged materials and even sculpture. My studio is constructed of salvaged doors and beautiful old things that I have saved […]

Courtney Trouble      “Queer In San Francisco,” Digital Photograph, 2013 “Queer Porn Aftercare,” Digital Photograph, 2014 Artist Statement“I’ve removed myself from the labels that no longer define me. I am only calling myself an artist. The context of my art is sexual, political, feminist, shameless, queer, dirty, problematic, confrontational, intellectual, and pornographic.”

Sanh Tran   Untitled No. 70 (Veil) Medium: Photography, Digital C-Print Dimensions: 20” (W) x 30” (H) Bedroom Scene No. 1 Medium: Photography, Digital C-Print Dimensions: 36” (W) x 24” (H) Artist StatementSince relocating to rural, central Pennsylvania from having lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles for most of my life, I am now […]

Dorian Katz & Marlene Hoeber she says I’m the sexiest thing alive, digital photograph, 16 inches X 10.25 inches, 2015</> Artist StatementHooray! Gay Marriage! could be an alternate title for our photo. There’s a picture of her and a picture of me, side by side, contained in a frame. Menstrual blood, hormone patch rashes and […]

Aron Kantor   BEARMANIA HD Video, 2014 This is a glitterbomb.  Emerging from primordial darkness, two men blur the lines between violence and sex in a swamp of glitter, challenging notions of masculinity as their fight builds to an explosion of faggotry.NEON NANCY HD Video, 2014 Featuring Scott Moore A male construction worker […]

Katie Kaapcke  Installation photos from the exhibition will be available on June 4th.  #LEXBATHROOMSELFIE Project Description The closing of the famous San Francisco institution The Lexington Club, is a direct representation of physical, social and historical dimensions of queer alliances, connections and community.  The impact of its closing is multi-dimensional, not only is there the […]

Jon Henry + We Are Here Collective         We Are Here Collective.We Are Here, creates cultural opportunities for folks in our rural city of Harrisonburg, VA.The Posters are part of our city wide efforts to raise awareness for Transgender Day of Awareness. Our zine, Southern Homo, looks to archive and uplift ongoing […]