Jerome Caja – Gallery

thrreedisgraces  birdie
The Three Disgraces, 1991, repainted1994 The Birdie Incinerator, 1990
curad  bathroomatmyplace
Shroud of Curad,
eye liner on band-aid, 1993
The Bathroom at My Place,
mixed media, 1992
immaconecpt bozofuck
The Immaculate Conception, 1993 Bozo Fucks Death, 1988
bozovenus  venusbirth
Bozo Venus Peeing on a Burning Bush, 1987 The Birth of Venus in Cleveland, 1988
Rape of the Altar Boy, 1994
 alice  circlejerk
Alice Jacking Off Her Rabbit,1991 Sacred Heart Circle Jerk,1990
 holyspirit  handsaccend
The Holy Spirit Getting New Eyes for Saint Lucy, 1991 Hands Ascending (to Heaven)
 revolution  expectant
Revolution in the Food Chain, 1992 Expectant Mother Smoking, 1992
 hannahang  hameggs
Hannah Hanging,1991 Ham and Eggs,1991
 neweyes  turkeydinner
New Eyes fr Saint Lucy (tip tray), 1994 Eggs Having Turkey Dinner, 1989
cockaeggs  fathercock
Cock and Eggs, 1989 Father Cock’s Vision of Saint Sper Coming with His Yardstick to See if He Measures Up, 1992
charlesdevouring  blackmadonna
Charles Devouring Himself, 1991 Black Madonna, n/d
White Madonna, n/d
visitation  dancers
The Visitation,1994 The Dancers,1991
wishbone  fruitbowl
The Wishbone, 1991 Fruit Bowl Passion Play, 1990
pompeiisalad  stilllife
Pompeii Salad,1990 Still Life with Brocken Doll,1988
onetwothree  footochrist
One, Two, Three, Pee on Me
Nail polish on tin, 1989
The Foot of Christ
Enamel on toenails, 1991
flossinwjesus  bathroomatmyplace
Flossing With Jesus
Enamel and gouache,
on paper, 1989
Bathroom at My Place
mixed media, 1992
noonefruit  prtocharles
Rena as Number One Fruit Snack
mixed media, 1993
Portrait of Charles
mixed media, 1992
You Asshole, mixed media on envelope, n/d