Kuchar Bros


Kuchar Bros: A Retrospective

Tuesday, June 15; 7:30 pm
Location: Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th St
Tickets: phone 415.552.7709 on-line ticket sales at QCC TICKETORDERS
or at the door

Join us for a film retrospective with George and Mike Kuchar, pioneers in the American underground film movement of the 1960s who have had their films screened internationally. The Kuchar twins were born in 1942 in New York and began making films in 1956. They helped make the 8 mm format popular at the time. Then, in 1965, Mike made his first 16 mm film, Sins of the Fleshapoids, a low budget science fiction camp epic that became his most famous work. The Kuchar Brothers have deeply influenced countless filmmakers including John Waters. Their combined filmography includes hundreds of works in video 8mm and 16mm.

Films scheduled to be screened:
“Eclipse of the Sun Virgin.” George Kuchar, 16mm Film. 15 min. 1967
“Seascape.” Mike Kuchar. 16mm. 10 min. 1984
“Pagan Rhapsody.” George Kuchar. 16mm. 20 min. 1969
“Fragments.” Mike Kuchar. 16mm. 10 min. 1967
“The Secret of Wendell Samson.” Mike Kuchar. 16mm. 30 min. 1966
“Statue in the Park.” Mike Kuchar. VHS Video. 20 min. 1997.