Dates: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, July 9 to 25, 1998
Times: 8:00pm
Location: The LAB, 2948 16th Street
Tickets & Contact: 415.864.8855, www.thelab.org

An evening-length dance performance by STEAMROLLER choreographed by Jesselito
Bie. Following on the success of last season’s presentation of INTO THE DRIFT AND SWAY by STEAMROLLER, The LAB is pleased to present the world premiere of STEAMROLLER’s new evening length performance, LOSERVILLE. Choreographer Jesselito Bie and his dancers will explore the differences between cinematic versions of contemporary rites of passage as shown through the lens of John Hughes (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club) and the realities of other cultural experiences (people of color, gays and lesbians) by transforming The LAB into a high school gymnasium on Prom Night. The pieces RED HOT, MY NEW REEBOKS and THE GEEK FILES all challenge existing cinematic depictions of
young people’s initiation into adulthood and concern the spectator with a deeper confrontation and understanding of the meanings and influence of media, race, femininity, masculinity and power.