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nigaroo performance imageJune 16, 2017
QCC/NQAF and Bundle Of Sticks present
Dazié Grego-Sykes
The Flight Deck
1540 Broadway, Oakland 94612
wheelchair accessible
$15-20, NOTA
Performer Website:

If you are interested in having this performance interpreted for the hearing-impaired or deaf, please contact us by May 31. Thank you.

Nigga-Roo is a multidisciplinary Performance based inquiry into Black identity. This Solo work bravely explores and dissects Blackness as an original and necessary social construct. Because Blackness is rooted in Slavery and saturated in Caricature this work fearlessly and intentionally uses Black Face, Spoken Word, Movement and Monologue to disarm and disrupt the world view of what Blackness is.

Nigga-Roo is a critique of The Collective Consciousness of Black Folk. It is through this consciousness that the word Nigga has been introduced into “pop” culture serving as a term of empowerment for Black people and a tool of both discrimination and appropriation for Whites. Nigga-Roo is a humorous, “dark” “In Your Face” commentary on racism and its impact on the Black individual in a Nigga-centric culture.


photo of Dazié Grego-Sykes

Photo: Nye’ Lyn Tho

Dazié Grego-Sykes is a poet, performance artist and activist. Dazié’s performance work and style was developed at The Experimental Performance Institute at New College San Francisco where he received his BA in Queer Performance and Activism. He has developed and produced several solo plays including 3, Where Is Adam and I Am A Man. Currently Dazié is studying to receive his MFA in Creative Inquiry at The California Institute of Integral Studies.

“My process begins with resistance. This “resistance” was created when I discovered the world was not prepared for me to express and exist as my authentic self As a child, my imagination created a new world and new belief systems. From this came a communication style that has been called “art.” Interacting with “performance” as “art” allows me to create and manipulate perception. My work suggests and indicates alternative belief systems that are sustainable and empowering.

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