Queer As Fuck 3

Queer As F

Queer As FMay 30 – June 8, 2019
Sponsored by Bindlestiff Studio,
Queer Fuckery, APICC & Qcc present
Bindlestiff Studio, 8pm
Tickets $12/student-senior; $15/general; $25/Support the artist
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/queer-as-fuck-iii-tickets-60803065606

Queer Fuckery returns, boldly leaving behind the drama to bring on the dramatics! Join the QUEER as FUCK players as they go on a comedic multi- generational exploration of the dating world.



Jocelyne Ampon is a Queer Pin@y performance artist who has collaborated with Bindlestiff Studio since 2006 as an actor, musician, puppeteer, director, and producer. She has found that community to be the source of much of her artistic inspiration, identity, and connection to her cultural roots. When she is not in the theater or on a stage, her favorite forms of expression are with flowers, pen and paper.

Tracy Nguyen is a painter/illustrator turned architectural designer. She recently stepped into the world of theater via Bindlestiff Studio’s annual Stories High theater- making workshops. Tracy has since acted in Stories High, and Forbidden Futures, and has explored theater set design for Forbidden Futures and The Love Edition – Falling Hard. She has also joined Bindlestiff’s The Geek Show troupe and will be seen on stage for their "Game Night" production in April.

Enedina Ramos Padilla has always had a passion for the arts and knows the importance of having an outlet for self expression. She is a self published author (Journey to Find Me) and is currently working on her second book. Her debut in theater was in last year’s 2018 Queer as Fuck production. Her experience with acting has inspired her to write plays and she is excited to see her work come alive on stage in this year’s produciton.

Emmanuel Romero has called Bindlestiff Studio his home since 2006. His creative endeavors as a writer include several short films, a children’s book, numerous comedic sketches, and about half a dozen short plays. By day, he works as a clinical microbiologist.

Stan Stone enjoys splitting his time between stage and film work. He recently performed the role of Mirabello Miragog at PianoFight theater and he is celebrating his QAF playwriting debut of “Work In Progress” at Bindlestiff theater. His filmmaking group, Barewitness Films, garnered multiple award nominations and Stan won Best Film Director for “Buddy” as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival 2018.

Joyce Yin is an actor, director, and designer. She’s performed in Stories High XVII, The Geek Show 2: BindleCon, and Queer as Fuck 2018 and directed short plays in The Geek Show 2: BindleCon and Stories High XVIII. When not in the theater she is a graphic designer with a focus on layout design for print. She enjoys helping Queer and Trans people of color tell their stories, whether through the page or the stage.