Queer Historical Mixtape

Queer Historical Mixtape Key ImageRadar Productions presents
Queer Historical Mixtape
June 2
GLBT, 7pm
Celeste Chan, Irina Contreras

Two of your favorite queer filmmakers – Celeste Chan and Irina Contreras – join forces to create a film mixtape from raw footage found in the GLBT archives. Join them as they present their film and discuss their process.



Celeste Chan is a queer artist, activist, writer, and filmmaker, schooled by DIY and immigrant parents from Malaysia and the Bronx, NY. Her films feature oral history interviews, cellophane, blow-up unicorns, a pearl-clutching fashion fetishist, lipstick as armor, images of disintegration, and direct animation. Her recent writing can be found in AWAY, cream city review’s genrequeer folio, and the Glitter & Grit Anthology.

Irina Contreras is an interdisciplinary artist and writer, whose individual and collaborative projects examine personal reflections of collective experiences. Her writing has appeared in the anthology Beyond Walls and Cages, which just received the Association of Borderlands President Gold Award for 2014. Join Radar Productions as they present their film and discuss their process!