Roots in Resilience


pointJune 10, 2015
Roots in Resilience
San Francisco Bayview Hunter’s Point Documentary Movement
Jimmy Zhang
SF Public Library – Bayview,
Film Screening & Community Dialogue

Roots in Resilience is a project that focuses on how people continue to exist here in Bayview Hunter’s Point; this project sees resilience as how people live, how they heal, how they recognize the intergenerational traumas to heal from and the blessings to thrive on. These are the things communities and city planning should be focusing on if we hope to end many cycles of displacement. The project features the stories of young filmmakers of color where they share how they’re still here. Their art, music and stories become their intimacy with place. The new changes in the neighborhood do not represent people’s long time struggles, particular the historic Black, brown and working class families here. Roots in Resilience hopes to acknowledge the rootedness that exists in places we call home.