Netta Sadovsky

Netta Sadovsky



“Vase”, cast plaster. “Vase”, Two casts of the space between legs, attached back to back.



“Existing Models”, plaster, enamel paint, the negative space between dolls is cast in plaster and painted to resemble the original toys.



“Existing Models” (2), plaster, enamel paint, see above.

Artist Statement
I sample iterations of bodies intersecting and diverging. The works form an ongoing study of conflict and intimacy as boundaries are both drawn and challenged. After a series of works manifesting the negative space between human bodies, I have also become interested in experiments with dolls and toys. Dolls are placed to simulate various interactions, and the space between them is cast in plaster. Enamel paint mimicking the original toys give the pieces a plastic sheen. The pieces re-imagine early teachings about modes of bodily relation as toy accessories.