Skye Thorstenson – WAR

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Queer Bears – 2005
DV film loop

Skye Thorstenson

A response against the conservative and religious right’s argument that cartoon characters are being created with harmful attributes that amplified a “dangerous” sexuality or blurred gender identity pushing a “gay agenda” as well as endanger the emotional growth of children.  My intent in subverting the CareBears was my interest in their effeminate mannerisms—and indeterminate sex which seemed to be overlooked or dismissed.

It seems these days everyone and thing is examined (for the purpose of self righteous vilification) for any hint of limpness or fleshy exposure of embarrassing genitalia.  I wanted to instill in them attributes of a camaraderie between heterosexual men that I usually witnessed when growing up; where rough-housing and playful homophobic slurs were commonplace.  I chose this template of a hyper version of heterosexual men—as it seems to be the “norm” for rightness or stability in the eyes of the religious right/conservative base.  What is created is a “correct” gender/sexual identity and a violent pastiche of discrimination.