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The Queer Cultural Centers FACEs at SOMAR Gallery, June 11 – 27, 1998 by Jeffrey Wilson Recent events have caused me to reflect on an old joke from way back in the early 1990’s that was circulating around the “art world” in the wake of the first political attacks on the NEA and its funding […]

SOMArts Gallery Map of SOMArts Gallery      1. Rink Foto, Gary Borgstedt, Timothy Cummings 2. Heinn Nguyen, Hugh Buck, Erin O’Neil, Ramon Markus Kadi     3. Steven Elliott 4. Arthur Tress     5. Douglas Britt, Frank Pietronigro, Jim Leff, Peter B. 6. Michael Tiffany, Jerry Rush, Greg Day, D. Brighid, Thomas Rohnacher, […]

A SELECTION OF ARTISTS FROM THE FACE EXHIBITION        timothy cummings  alyson belcher  thomas plageman        jackie gratz  don garlow  douglas johnsonson        maxine kincora  gary kong  clover leary and noah webb        erin o’neil  thomas rohnacher  douglas britt        steven elliott  farika  jean weisinger […]

ABOUT FACE: ON THE VALUE OF QUEER SELF-PORTRAITURE by Richard Meyer Queer self-portraiture insists on the power of lesbian and gay people to set the terms of their own—which is to say, our own–visibility. This fact carries particular historical and political significance because lesbians and gay men have so often been cast as the object […]

FACE by Jewelle Gomez In some animals, including humans, looking directly into another’s face is a sign of aggression. Meeting eye to eye implies confrontation. Our fur bristles and adrenaline flows. To face down, face off–each are euphemisms for trouble. But why doesn’t meeting the gaze of another suggest curiosity instead? How can we as […]

FACE: An Introduction by Jonathan Katz We have long recognized the mutability of that seemingly biologically determinate aspect of being we call our face–and I’m not talking about the relatively recent medium of plastic surgery. We say that someone is “putting on a good face” or that they have “lost face.” We know instantly what […]

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