Talking a Blue Streak


Talking a Blue Streak
Kate Clinton
June 10, 11, 8pm; June 12, 3pm
Brava Theater Center
Tickets: $30 & $25 ($4 discount for students and disabled)
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In her new show, Talking a Blue Streak, Kate Clinton riffs from her USO (Utah Seems Odd) Tour from the tiny island nation of New York City to the persistent-vegetative-state of Florida. Kate takes on the burning issues of the day: the return of the ultimate girlie-man to the White House–Mr. Karen Hughes; the selection of the widow Ratzinger as Pope; and gay marriage–the quintessential wedgie issue.

Recovering Catholic and always The Irreverend, Kate is a perfect balm for black-and-blue Blue Staters.

Kate has appeared on Good Morning, America, Nightline, Entertainment Tonight, Comedy Central, Lifetime, MSNBC and CNN. She hosted the PBS TV series In the Life and appeared in the film The Secret Lives of Dentists.