This is What I Want 2010

thisiswhatiwant June 30, July 1
AIRspace presents
This is What I Want
The Garage
Tickets: $10-$20
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This Is What I Want. Relentlessly sexual new work by juiced-up and pleasure-seeking dance and performance artists. Curated by Jesse Hewit with Keith Hennessy, Anna “Bannanz” Whitehead, Em Gift, Evan Johnson, Hana Erdman, Jess Curtis, Johanna Buchignani, Julie Phelps, Kegan Marling, Macklin Kowal, Maryam Rostami, Mary Ann Brooks, sorvillo / blindsight, Ryan Crowder, Sara Kraft, Shawnrey Notto.

Curatorial note: “I find, in my dance/performance communities, that performed moments and themes of sex and sexuality are too often still overly codified, still shown in symbols and behind scrims, veils, and false starts, and still lacking a quality of plain presence and unfettered and truthful testimony. It’s as if we want to say what it is that we want, but are burdened by what we think comprises a proper artistic composition.”

In response to this, I want to curate works that reimagine composition as simply a structure that unfolds as a result of directly answering a question. So…the question: “What do I find sexy?” This question, to me, is still one of the most complicating, politicizing, live-wire, and interesting points of personal expression. This is what I want. will be a night of world premieres that enagage with the possibility of performance as a clear and strong medium for the bold telling, showing, and doing of our sexual desires, preferences, fetishes, and needs.”

For this event, I want to invite extraordinary exposure and risk. By offering up the language and movement of our sexualities in this particular way, I hope to crack open a fertile new body of work; one that allows the otherwordly beauty, conflict, and creativity of sex to steadily breathe…and to move us in crazy crazy ways.”