WAR! Visual Art exhibition

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WAR! An International Art Exhibition

Sunday @ SomArts
June 5th
Opening Recption for the Art Exhibition – 4:00pm


Photograph by Lieve Snellings

Qcc has asked artists to define with whom or what they are at war. What things could drive them to violence, even if that violence is transformative or self-directed.

What does it mean to be at WAR?
To be at WAR with another / or oneself.
Racial / Gender / Culture WAR.
WAR of Values / of Words.
WAR against Disease / Sexuality / Civil Liberties/ Human Rights / Self-Expression.
WAR with one’s identity / gender / another country
WAR within one’s own country / family / community.
The weapons of fear / mass destruction / shame / self-loathing
The violence of hate / righteousness / intolerance / ignorance / transformation.
The destruction of cultures / community / self.
The atrocities of war. The cancer of apathy.

WAR! Performance

Starting at 5:00pm, performances complementing the exhibition begin with Maina Minahal. The action moves to the theater, and performances by Sini Anderson and Juba Kalamka.