We Were There

gayrelth June 10
We Were There –
The Lesbian Response to the Early AIDS Epidemic Among Gay Men

African American Art & Culture Complex
6 – 9pm
Film Screening 7pm
Tickets: $5
A short documentary, exhibit and event that examines the lesbian response to AIDS among gay men in the 1980’s. We Were There brings to light unique stories of heroism, fear, anger and love that shaped queer history. Join us as we embark on creating community and exploring our past together.

Film features interviews with Lenore Chinn (SF artist/activist), Nancy Stoller (Professor, UCSC, and SF AIDS Foundation Women’s Program Founder), Avram Finkelstein (Collaborative creator of “Silence = Death” logo) and Sarah Schulman (Author/ACT UP and Lesbian Avengers seminal member), among others.

Film by Emmanuelle Antolin, co-produced by Susan Maiorana and shot by Michael Epple. Discussion moderated by Andrea Shorter of Equality California. Gallery installation co-curated by Melonie Green of Infin8 Sync and Tamara Loewenstein.


Emmanuelle Antolin is an independent filmmaker, editor and writer in San Francisco, CA. Emmanuelle writes and directs her own films, in which she explores issues of self-discovery and empowerment, “outsiderness”, and environmental, queer and human rights issues. She has also worked on award-winning documentaries including “Global Focus – The New Environmentalists” and “Mustang – Journey of Transformation” as well as Cannes Lions Award winning commercials such as Nike “Endure” and “Defy”. Her roster of employers include LucasFilm, Wieden + Kennedy, Mill Valley Film Group and the Sacred Land Film Project. Emmanuelle grew up in San Francisco and as a child and young adult witnessed the AIDS crisis first hand.

Michael Epple is a freelance Director of Photography and Camera Operator who is equally proficient in both film and digital motion picture formats. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael has clients all over the United States.

Infin8 Sync, LLC is the “brain and heart” child of twin sisters, Melonie Green and Melorra Green. Since 2007, Infin8 Sync has grown into a veritable resource for independent artists in the Bay Area, recognized by Urban Solutions, Supervisor Ross Mirikarimi of District 5, and the California State Senate. Infin8 Sync is committed to providing independent artists across all genres with a forum for self-expression, networking, and commercial exchange, while educating artists about the importance of being environmentally responsible in their craft. In 2010, their 3rd Annual Independent Artist’s Week will link even more emerging artists with nationally and internationally recognized talent, while expanding to include the culinary and healing arts.

Tamara Loewenstein is an independent curator based in San Francisco. A graduate of the Curatorial Practice MA program at the California College of Arts, her practice focuses on community activism and engagement and the intersection between art and daily life. She has curated exhibitions in alternative venues throughout San Francisco including Million Fishes Gallery, The Spare Room Project and Queens Nails Annex. Recently, projects include implementing a new exhibition space in the Mission District and commissioning murals for community urban gardens as the Curator and Community Arts Organizer of the Urban Share Community Gardening Project in San Francisco. Loewenstein is the Gallery Manager of Manresa Gallery at the University of San Francisco.

Susan Maiorana is an Editor/Producer living and working in San Francisco, CA. Her work as an associate producer on We Were There includes conducting research, recording sound on shoots, post-production support and everything in between. Susan attended the San Francisco Art Institute (graduation 2003) with a BFA in filmmaking. So far, her career has taken her to Los Angeles and now back to the Bay Area. Her personal work has shown in festivals around the world including Seoul, London and at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco.

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Co-sponsored by the Queer Cultural Center and the African American Art and Culture Complex.