What Is Queer Kinship



Where and how do we find our “queer of kin”? What kinds of bonds are possible within queer communities, and what can we still see creating in the future? Feminist sisterhood, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, queer ball cultures, neo-pagan and fairy communities, the Eureka Valley Metropolitan Church, BA-Sappho (a virtual community), etc., these are just some of the many community groups in which we can participate, but do these allow people to form bonds sturdy and durable enough to sustain queer families of choice? Or, maybe community and family are just different, and we cannot get from communities the same things that we need to get from our kinfolk? What say you?

A thinkPhilosophy Salon:  Philosopher led adventures into questions of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty moderated by D. Rita Alfonso, Ph.D