Aliens: We’ve Come for Your Children & Between Places

June 8th, 7:30pm
Jon Sims Center
Tickets: $5-$10 Sliding Scale

aliensp1 aliensp2

Aliens is an experimental documentary exploring the lives of lesbians of color and immigrant lesbians living in Berlin Germany. The video was conceived, written and made by the Berlin Film Group with Crystal Mason as director and tells the stories of the lives of lesbians of color and immigrant lesbians dealing with multi-discrimination from institutions, white lesbians, family and society at large. There are no victims here because the subjects of the video are also the filmmakers. This video was produced as a group project and funded by the European Union.

Between Places is set in scenic San Francisco in the summer and fall of 2001. Director Amir Jaffer creates an absorbing tale about love, deception, immigration, friendship, and homosexuality, underlying the pursuit of the “American Dream.” Unsure about his true sexual identity, Nagib (Issac Benjamin) arrives in SF from Cairo, Egypt. He befriends his co-worker Aisha (Silvia Sweidan) and his flirtatious handsome neighbor Jeff (Jacob Bokulich). A love triangle develops and Nagib is caught between the choice of being true to his desires and sexuality and yielding to social expectations, as he tries to survive in the post 9/11 environment of the US.

Photo from Between Places by Amir Jaffer of the principal actors.

Jon Sims Center for Performing Arts