Aron Kantor
HD Video, 2014
This is a glitterbomb.  Emerging from primordial darkness, two men blur the lines between violence and sex in a swamp of glitter, challenging notions of masculinity as their fight builds to an explosion of faggotry.NEON NANCY
HD Video, 2014
Featuring Scott Moore
A male construction worker walks into an “Adult Arcade” where he lets his hair down, blurring notions of gender identity.WE ONLY SLEEP ON XANNY BARS
HD Video, 2014
Featuring Mica Sigourney (VivvyAnne ForeverMore), Juanita More, David Glamamore, Ambrosia Salad, Jacob Sperber (Jackie House), Dia Dear, Melesio Nunez, Kat Marie Yoas, Kevin Clarke (Falsetta Knockers), Stanley Frank SensationLunacy prevails above all in this acid trip, in which nothing is sacred.  Celebrating a variety of queer characters of many breeds, this full-blown attack on the current queer status-quo features familiar drag personas, lesbian chola croquet players, surreal science sluts, careless children, and Jorge Portillo’s mom.PUPPYLOVE – you need to copy this link into your browser
HD Video, 2015
The National Organization for Marriage claims that once gay people are legally able to marry one another, next people will insist on man-dog marriage equality.  Meanwhile, “Puppy” metaphors run rampant in the gay community, as the Puppy-Play scene experiences an unprecedented revitalization and acceptance in queer popular culture.  This short takes both into consideration as it presents a unique vision of romance.FEROCIOUS MEMORIES – you need to copy this link into your browser
HD Video, 2014
Featuring Mica Sigourney (VivvyAnne ForeverMore), Kelly LovemonsterA genderless character’s trip down a rabbit hole leads her to a face-off with her other-gendered self in a threatening landscape of glitter vomit.
 Artist StatementMy investigations of gender identity, queer sexuality, self awareness and interdimensionality use a cinematic language through a lens of popular culture.  At times humorous, garish, jarring, salacious, beautiful and shocking, I always aim to expose rifts in perception of current queer identity and culture.  I work with metaphors, creating new ones and literalizing and deconstructing pre-existing metaphors with the intention of shifting their meanings or rendering the metaphors useless.  Experimenting with shifting genres and unstable contexts, my work thematically and aesthetically explores the intersection of opposites (such as masculinity/femininity, high brow/low brow, filth/sparkle, etc.) and intentionally subverts learned ideals, working towards a reality in which the interplay of these opposites can create the unexpected.