Katie Kaapcke
 Installation photos from the exhibition will be available on June 4th.
Project Description
The closing of the famous San Francisco institution The Lexington Club, is a direct representation of physical, social and historical dimensions of queer alliances, connections and community.  The impact of its closing is multi-dimensional, not only is there the physical loss of a legendary queer safe space but of its many functions within the queer community.  The Lex has served not just as a bar, but as a second home to many locals, often referred to as “our living room” due to the very small and space limiting San Francisco apartments.  It also served as an alternative art space, a performance space, a fundraising event space for many small queer projects and non profits and a place that queers from all over the world came to visit.  It is a blatant symbol of the drastic socio-economic and cultural changes San Francisco has undergone in the last few years.  The Lexington Club’s closing has taken on another dimension online via apps like Instagram with the #LEXBATHROOMSELFIE hashtag.  Queers are coming to say goodbye, leave a note on the bathroom wall and document the community created by the existence of The Lexington Club.This work will feature emotional drawn and painted portraits of The Lexington Club and the queer community it served as well as some conceptual ideas of the future of queer spaces.  There will be a monitor on a block pedestal that will play a repeating slide show of actual #LEXBATHROOMSELFIE photos approved by the photographers to take part in this art piece.  A 30”X40” framed poster board will hang on the wall for visitors to sign, express their feelings or thank the Lex.  Pens and markers will be placed on a small table against the wall where the art is hanging with a notebook for visitors to interact with, add stories, memories, feelings and visions of the future of queer spaces to.When the exhibition ends these interactive objects will serve as a diary or time capsule for the existence of The Lexington Club and the community it supported.