Memories to Light: Asian American Home Movies


May 15
CAAM & Qcc present
Memories to Light: Asian American Home Movies

We are excited to present a program of short films by three talented local media makers, each showcasing a unique approach to using the home movie footage digitized for CAAM’s Memories to Light: Asian American home movies project.

Brought to light and saved from basements, garages, and closets across the country, where they are sometimes forgotten for decades, CAAM has digitized over 250 home movie reels from more than 30 Asian American families. Preserving these personal moments, originally captured on 8mm, super 8, and 16mm film, is only part of the work, as we collaborate with makers in the community who use some of the unedited footage to tell these stories in new and exciting ways. Please join us, once again, for a special screening and lively Q&A session for three of the latest short films, made by and about Bay Area locals.

Inspired by pre-war cannery workers, Tina Takemoto’s ON THE LINE offers a queer meditation on the Japanese American women who cleaned the tuna, worked the assembly line, and found same-sex intimacy amid fish guts while the men were off to sea.