: PICTURING CANCER IN OUR LIVES by Tee A. Corinne CONTENTS Making Relationships Visible Crisis My Beautiful Friend Beverly’s Leavetaking Later MAKING RELATIONSHIPS VISIBLE In 1975, the year in which I most fully came out, I started making self-portraits that combined my own image with that of a lover. Photographer Honey […]

Artist, Author, Activist, Teacher, and Independent Scholar According to Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia, Tee A. Corinne “is one of the most visible and accessible lesbian artists in the world.” Her 1975 Cunt Coloring Book continues to outrage conservatives of every stripe. Three of her books, including Intimacies: Photographs by Tee Corinne, have […]

Glenn Ligon is a conceptual artist who chooses to create work in black and white as a way of pointing directly at racial stereotypes and expectations; at the same time it is a refusal to let his self-portraits be “colored.” In limiting his palette or restricting his photographs, Ligon reminds us of the polarized race […]

Derek Jarman (1942-1994)
 Biography from Baseline’s Encyclopedia of Film Born: January 31, 1942, Northwood, England Died: February 19, 1994, London, England Leading avant-garde British filmmaker whose visually opulent and stylistically adventurous body of work stands in defiant opposition to the established literary and theatrical traditions of his sometimes staid national cinema. With influences ranging from […]

Harmony Hammond is Guggenheim fellow and recipient of two NEAs, is an artist, art writer, and independent curator who lectures, writes, and publishes extensively on feminist and lesbian art, queer art, and the cultural representation of “difference.” She co-edited the ground breaking “Lesbian Art and Artists” issue of Heresies magazine in 1977 and curated the […]

A Louder Public Voice
 September 23, 2001 By BILL T. JONES My company was to have performed at Evening Stars Onstage on the temporary stage set between the Twin Towers the evening after last week’s catastrophe. In thinking about the future of dance, I think about my dancers and dancers in general. I think highly […]

“In 1993 San Francisco artist David Cannon Dashiell took Pompeii’s Villa of the Mysteries frieze as a framework within which to explore queer sexuality, plugged and unplugged. Consisting of twenty-eight acrylic emulsion reverse paintings on Plexiglas panels, Queer Mysteries was first exhibited at the San Francisco Art Institute and is now part of the permanent […]

LESBIAN SELF-WRITING: THE EMBODIMENT OF EXPERIENCE by Jewelle Gomez ZAMI, written by Audre Lorde in 1983, is by turns a formal, imposing, conversational and mythic book. It seems to grab daily life as it drifts down from a fire escape and casts it back up into the sky as both a drive-in movie and a […]

Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-1996) In 1993, in lieu of a standard biography/bibliography, Felix chose to write a portrait of himself. This is the Biography that we have chosen to print, which is in the true spirit of this gifted artist. 1957 born in Guaimaro, Cuba, the third of what would eventually be four children 1964 Dad […]

Marlon Riggs

MARLON T. RIGGS Before his death in 1994, African-American filmmaker, educator and poet Marlon Riggs forged a position as one of the more controversial figures in the recent history of public television. He won a number of awards for his creative efforts as a writer and video producer. His from theoretical-critical writings appeared in numerous […]