“I WEAR MY SKIN as thinly as I have to, armor myself only as much as seems absolutely necessary. I try to live naked in the world, unashamed even under attack, unafraid even though I know how much there is to fear. What I have always feared is being what people have thought me–my stepfather’s […]

This On-line Haring Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition is presented by the Queer Cultural Center with the permission of The Keith Haring Estate and the San Francisco Art Commission, which sponsored the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in San Francisco from May 8 – September 8, 1998. All photographic images are courtesy of Rudy Lemcke and are presented here […]

David Wojnarowicz by Felix Guattari Translation from: Rethinking Marxism, vol 3 #1, Spring 1990 (no original source nor translator given) David Wojnarowicz’s creative work stems from his whole life and it is from there that it has acquired such an amazing power. It could even be said that it is through his plastic work and […]

Photo of a brown haired light skinned person next to a 16x20" camera

Catherine Opie was born in 1961 in Ohio. She received her MFA from CalArts in 1988. Her solo exhibitions include LA Freeways (San Francisco) and Being and Having (New York). Her work has appeared in group exhibitions from Paris to Australia to New Orleans, including the 1995 Whitney Museum Biennial in New York and In […]

Nicole Eisenman December 2, 1994 – January 15, 1995 Walter/McBean Gallery San Francisco Art Institute 800 Chestnut Street, S.F. CA 94113 Nicole Eisenman, whose neoclassical wall paintings incorporate subversive imagery, is a superb draftsman. In all of her work, she uses her technical skill to convey messages of social concern, and these messages are suffused […]

Robert Mapplethorpe

b. 1946, Floral Park, N.Y.; d. 1989, Boston Robert Mapplethorpe was born November 4, 1946, in Floral Park, New York. He left home in 1962 and enrolled at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, in 1963, where he studied painting and sculpture and received his B.F.A. in 1970. During this time, he met artist, poet, and musician […]

Peter Hujar (1934-1987) was a master of black and white photography. He was born in Trenton, New Jersey and later moved to Manhattan to work for magazines, advertising, and the fashion industry. Mainly a portrait photographer, he also photographed an array of subjects from farm animals to nudes. He also turned his camera on fellow […]

Gay Semiotics (Publication date:1977) Hal Fischer ‘s Gay Semiotics appeared in the late 1970s, first as an exhibition and subsequently as a book. Gay Semiotics broke new ground with its candid depiction and categorization of urban gay archetypes, and, simultaneously, offered a new , conceptually based approach to the photographic depiction of gay men. Laced […]

Jerome Caja – Gallery   The Three Disgraces, 1991, repainted1994 The Birdie Incinerator, 1990   Shroud of Curad, eye liner on band-aid, 1993 The Bathroom at My Place, mixed media, 1992 The Immaculate Conception, 1993 Bozo Fucks Death, 1988   Bozo Venus Peeing on a Burning Bush, 1987 The Birth of Venus in Cleveland, 1988 […]

National Queer Arts Festival 2000 Visual Arts Exhibition, SomArts, San Francisco ODYSSEY AND UNDERWORLD The Art of Jerome Caja, Charles Sexton, and Thomas Plagemann The three artists who have been drawn together for this exhibition employ distinctly different methods to reveal the erosion of culture that marked the end of the twentieth century and continues […]