TRASH TALKIN’ TUESDAYS! 4 Literary Events whose participants are Talkin’ Trash and Takin’ Names! All Events at 7:30pm The Center/Ceremonial Room Tickets: $5- $15 ((g)literati tickets $8-$15) June 7th Sodom & Me: Queers vs. Fundamentalism? Curator & Emcee: Greg Wharton New year, same Bush. But what about the nation that elected him? The red voter […]

1st Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWoCMAP) June 6th and 7th, 7:00pm The Center, Rainbow Room For more info: The 1st Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival presents two different screenings of provocative new films by queer women of color media artists. These films […]

WAR! Performance 5:00pm Sunday @ SomArts June 5th Tickets: $5 -$10 (donations) Starting at 5:00 pm, performances complementing the exhibition begin with Maina Minahal. The action moves to the theater, and performances by Sini Anderson and Juba Kalamka. Maina Minahal Sini Anderson Juba Kalamka Photo: Ayanna U’Dongo/Phireye Studio WAR! An International Art Exhibition Qcc @ […]

WAR! An International Art Exhibition Qcc Sunday @ SomArts June 5th Opening Recption for the Art Exhibition – 4:00pm Photograph by Lieve Snellings Qcc has asked artists to define with whom or what they are at war. What things could drive them to violence, even if that violence is transformative or self-directed. What does it […]

(Un)Godly Bodies – QueLACo/Queer Latino/a Arts Festival 2005 Sunday @ SomArts June 5th Opening reception – 2:00pm QueLACo’s 2005 Visual Art Exhibit: (Un)Godly Bodies Bodies presents emerging and established queer Latina/o artists who use painting, sculpture, installations, video and mixed media as dynamic and powerful challenges to the religious right’s mobilization using gay rights as […]

Angela Rose Voulgarelis Paintings by Angela Rose Voulgarelis. Opening reception. Saturday, June 4th 6:00pm – Artists reception at the QBall 3 Dollar Bill The Center Showing at Three Dollar Bill Cafe in the month of June is the artwork of Angela Rose Voulgarelis. In her paintings and drawings, she uses herself as subject matter, fragmenting […]

War on Labels Artwork by Tina Butcher, Heather Catalinich, and Lauren Anderson. Saturday, June 4th 6:00pm – Artists reception at the QBall 2nd & 4th Floor The LGBT Center Tina Butcher: performance still

Many Dykes-Two Photographers Photos by Jane Philomen Cleland and Cathy Cade documenting 10 years of the Dyke March. Opening reception. Saturday, June 4th 6:00pm – Artists reception at the QBall 3rd Floor The Center Photo: Cathy Cade Jane Philomen Cleland photographed the initial Dyke March in Washington D.C. in 1993, and every SF march since. […]

Q-BALL A Kickoff Party for Pride Month Hosted by Queer Cultural Center (Qcc) and The SF LGBT Community Center, for the National Queer Arts Festival 2005 An Official PRIDE EVENT Saturday, June 4th 6:00pm – Art Receptions; 7:15pm – Performances; 8:30 – Lounge & Music The Center Free Reservations & Info: (415) 864-4124 or […]

Bad Dates Jon Sims Center – SF in eXile Program: SFinX June 3rd, 8:00pm Information: SfinX will present Bad Dates. We’ve all had them: you know, dates gone bad, hot fantasies going head on with cold reality. Five spoken word artists share their Bad Date stories for all to hear. The show will feature […]