Angela Hennessy     Magical Negro Pussy 1 2014 copper, paint, framed 9″ x 12″ Magical Negro Pussy 3 2014 copper, paint, framed 9″ x 12″  Artist StatementMy aesthetic is […]

Wesley Harvey   Kylix Cup Earthenware, Underglaze, Glaze, Ppink Rayon Fibers, Gitter, Resin, Laser Decals, Luster] Artist StatementMy current body of artwork examines gay male sexuality through queer theory by […]

Helle Grøndah TOWARDS  A  QUEER  HORIZON Dimensions Variable Artist  StatementArt  and  gender  as  appropriations,  reproductions  and  repetitionsMy  artistic  project  deals  with  gender  and  identity  as  a  transformative  action  and  views […]

Katie Gilmartin       All images are linocut prints, 9 ¾ by 7 inches.José Sarria performed opera and incendiary monologues at the historic Black Cat Café, and ended many […]

Chrysta Giffen  Sex, 2014 (Ongoing series), archival pigment prints, 17 X 25 in. (each) Artist Statement:My work is both informed by and in dialog with decades of sexual liberation history; […]

Zeph Fishlyn    Those We Glimpse Through the Crack – Installation. Dimensions: 5′ w x 6′ deep x 8′ high  Artist Statement We all want to feel like we come […]

Caity Fares  Kathy with a childhood photo, from the series , “Queer/Catholic,” 2013 Artist Statement Catholicism and Queerness, despite common attempts at separation, are both wrapped around similar themes of […]

Eliana Cetto I have attached my submission materials for Glitter Bomb – National Queer Arts Festival 2015: Connections.  I have included a PDF and Word Document, still from my video […]

Jessica Burke   Christian as the Boy Wonder of Gotham 27 x 35”, Graphite on Arches HP, 2013 This work explores identity and gender politics as filtered through the lens of […]

Heather Buechler   Good Bride Installation (detail), wedding dress, mud. 2007 Artist Statement We are fed the idea that the only way to happiness is through heterosexual marriage. Good Bride […]