Angela Hennessy     Magical Negro Pussy 1 2014 copper, paint, framed 9″ x 12″ Magical Negro Pussy 3 2014 copper, paint, framed 9″ x 12″  Artist StatementMy aesthetic is a collision of illuminated marquees, stitched textile samplers, sheela-na-gig sculptures, ‘show your pussy’ blogs, and black hole simulations. Language provides a platform to flirt with […]

Wesley Harvey   Kylix Cup Earthenware, Underglaze, Glaze, Ppink Rayon Fibers, Gitter, Resin, Laser Decals, Luster] Artist StatementMy current body of artwork examines gay male sexuality through queer theory by the use of appropriation to create narratives and collage on hand-built ceramic sculptures including plates, teapots, vessels, and objects. I want to address the social […]

Helle Grøndah TOWARDS  A  QUEER  HORIZON Dimensions Variable Artist  StatementArt  and  gender  as  appropriations,  reproductions  and  repetitionsMy  artistic  project  deals  with  gender  and  identity  as  a  transformative  action  and  views the   search   for   identity   as   ” …a   transformative   exercise,   an   example   of   desire itself […]

Katie Gilmartin       All images are linocut prints, 9 ¾ by 7 inches.José Sarria performed opera and incendiary monologues at the historic Black Cat Café, and ended many an evening with a rousing chorus of “God Save Us Nelly Queens.” In Blackmail, My Love, a fictional character based on this legendary performer does […]

Chrysta Giffen  Sex, 2014 (Ongoing series), archival pigment prints, 17 X 25 in. (each) Artist Statement:My work is both informed by and in dialog with decades of sexual liberation history; from the uninhibited sexuality of the 1920s, to the porn wars of the 1980s, to the sex-positive feminist movement of today. Coming from this perspective […]

Zeph Fishlyn    Those We Glimpse Through the Crack – Installation. Dimensions: 5′ w x 6′ deep x 8′ high  Artist Statement We all want to feel like we come from somewhere. But for many of us, coming out as queer casts us out from our own “official” family stories and leaves us searching for […]

Caity Fares  Kathy with a childhood photo, from the series , “Queer/Catholic,” 2013 Artist Statement Catholicism and Queerness, despite common attempts at separation, are both wrapped around similar themes of suffering, pleasure, and embodiment. However, these sorts of conversations have been halted by the Catholic Church’s claims that homosexual actions are a sin. Declarations like […]

Eliana Cetto I have attached my submission materials for Glitter Bomb – National Queer Arts Festival 2015: Connections.  I have included a PDF and Word Document, still from my video footage, and a link to my proposed video projection. All materials can also be found on my website at or at for HD quality. […]

Jessica Burke   Christian as the Boy Wonder of Gotham 27 x 35”, Graphite on Arches HP, 2013 This work explores identity and gender politics as filtered through the lens of popular culture. This series allows the sitter to assume the persona of a fictional character from film, literature or television that was particularly influential during […]

Heather Buechler   Good Bride Installation (detail), wedding dress, mud. 2007 Artist Statement We are fed the idea that the only way to happiness is through heterosexual marriage. Good Bride installation exposes the fact that the idea of a perfect white wedding marriage and the happily ever after is actually a myth in the real […]