Danielle Abrams
Thursday-Friday, June 20-21; 7 pm
Location: SF LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market St @ Octavia, 2nd Floor


Danielle Abrams showcases four characters in the SF debut of her one-woman show Crawlspace (listed as Quadroon in the printed catalog), an examination of the intertwined roots of her racial and cultural identity-African-American and white, Christian and Jewish.

Butch tits. I promise you great big meaty butch tits and I haven’t decided if I’ll flash you or let them blow in the air like guys do or put them in an undershirt, but I promise there will be no sports bra binding them and they are really nice to look at. Stories, not all abstract and delivered in poetic refrain, but scorching, kinky tales delivered in free-range Flushing dialect. Self reinventions you’ll get, and I do them good. Butch in the Kitchen’s always there frying chicken and ladling out chili. A schmatah goes on her head, and Dew Drop Lady is looking for a subway to the nearest beach. Janie Bell we’ll conjure, and we’ll get a glance into the afterworld, and Dee loves to show up, in search of beer, foxy guys, and a mirrored ball and dance floor. I might sing a little. Disco, old disco. The only shit worth listening to. We’ll make a date to plant dollars in the buttcracks of Chippendale dancers. You’ll have a taste of my three-bean chili. Your father might give me a ride back home in his Eldorado after the show. And if the night is good, you’ll relinquish your cell phone and invest in my meal plan service. So pull up a chair. We’ll sit down and talk.

Danielle Abrams is a former resident of the Mission District, where she was an art director of BUILD, a founding board member of Harvey Milk Institute, and an all-around agitator. She is an artist who writes, makes moving images, and sculpts the media of place and time. She has performed and exhibited works locally at The LAB, Luna Sea Women’s Performance Project, and 848 Community Space. She has also shown work in in L.A., Kentucky, Toronto, and Massachusetts. Danielle currently lives and works in NYC where she is a professor of art at York College and performing at WOW, The Knitting Factory, Meow Mix, and Apex Art.