Crystal Azul Barajas Barr

Huevo peludo
2’ x 1’ x 9” Materials: animal fur, human hair, wire, nature.
StatementCrystal Azul is a multidisciplinary artist with a BA in Studio Art (Sculpture) from Humboldt State University by way of Long Beach Community College. She has shown work at First Street Gallery in Eureka, The Compound in Oakland, Passage and Place book of art and writing, and other venues. She was a participant in the memoir track of the 2013 VONA/Voices Writing Workshops for Writers of Color. In 2014, Crystal co-organized a queer youth self-portrait project, Selfies: On Our Own Terms, as part of the National Queer Arts Festival. She lives in Oakland and is an arts educator in Fruitvale.Huevo peludo: abt 2’ x 1’ x 9”   Materials: animal fur, human hair, wire, nature.Femme de la naturaleza con huevo peludo: photo still from the video Maximum Feeling.Hard Femme (we shoot back): 4’ x 5’ mixed media paintingHuevo peludo(hairy egg) draws viewers into its warm, hairy center, daring them to touch it.This sculpture and photo are about my connection to femme expression, the queerness of (our) Nature, and my relationship to the body. Maximum Feeling is a short video originally made for the Queer Prophecies project: Future Visions by Coral Short & Angela Gabereau, and is now making its way around the world in various art exhibitions.Hard Femme (we shoot back): While I painted this, I was thinking about violence against the feminine, acts of aggression and oppression against femmes, and what translates into power in this culture.