Association Les Dégommeuses
Les Dégommeuses are both a football team and an association fighting against sexism and queerphobia in sports and through sports.Since 2012, we have ha partnership with the Thokozani Football Club, a lesbian club founded by South African artivist Zanele Muholi. The TFC is located i n Umlazi (a tonwhship close to Duban) and promotes community support, empowerment through sports and the fight against discrimination and gender-based violence (“corrective rapes” and hate crimes) through the means of visibility.In 2014, Les Dégommeuses produced a video documentary about TFC (22 minutes). The film was realized by Thembela Dick, a South African lesbian videomaker who is also a football player), in a process that aimed at the same time at giving the mic to a category (queer black women) who is seldom heard, ant also at building a collaborative project, where all the players could learn some skills related to videomaking.Here is the result: (password: teamspirit)