Disputed Territory


Disputed Territory 1998: Sexplorations

Performance Festival and Visual Art Exhibition
Dates: Thursday June 4 thru Saturday June 6
Fridays through Sundays June 12 through June 26
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Luna Sea, 2940 16th Street #216 C
COST: $10 to $15, sliding scale.
Contact: 415.863.2989

This festival will feature the artistry of gay, lesbian/dyke, bisexual & transgender/transsexual sex industry workers which will offer up a “behind-the-scenes” kind of glimpse into both the sex industry and the lives of the people who work in it. Reviewing the papers lately it is evident how much of a hot topic this is. This can easily serve as a jump-off point for further understanding of the myriad sides in the on-going struggle for, against, and around the sex industry. To facilitate and encourage communication, all Friday performances will be followed by a “meet the artist” discussion period.

Daisy Anarchy in “Daisy Anarchy Unchained”The festival starts off with a solo piece conceived, written and performed by performance artist, sex industry worker and sex industry rights worker, Daisy Anarchy. Using performance, poetry and song, Anarchy will guide us through the lives, hopes, dreams and rages she has experienced over the last 16 years as a sex industry worker. Street prostitute, call girl, exotic dancer, lecturer, poet, rights advocate, Anarchy is many things and now she is coming unchained.
The remaining three weekends of the festival will include the following performers/sex industry workers in a group show format (the exact schedule has not been finalized):
MIDORI, a professional dominatrix, has also performed in several other Bay Area festivals including, “Bite Me Again”, an S&M erotic performance at Luna Sea.
RANDEN KANE, an exotic dancer/stripper who works at the Lusty Lady was also a part of “Bite Me Again” and has performed at other San Francisco favorites, including Voyeur, In Bed With a Fairy Butch and Club Q.
TIM CREED, a masturbation dancer and exhibitionist, currently works at Knob Hill. He promises that he won’t make a mess on stage but you might…
JULIA QUERY a professional dominatrix and an exotic dancer/stripper at the Lusty Lady will have her film trailer Live! Nude! Girls! UNITE! featured in the festival. The trailer covers QUERY’s involvement in the sex industry and the unionizing of the strippers at the Lusty Lady.
KOWALSKI is a vanilla escort and a performer.
DIANA DAWN BUELL combines her work as an exotic dancer and mistress with her work as a songwriter and musician to produce some savory food for your ears and eyes.
MICHELLE T. is one of the co-founders of SISTER SPIT, an open mic performance space for dykes that is now in preparations for its second national tour. She is a spoken word performer and writer.
KRISTINA ZINNEN an exotic dancer and professional dominatrix also works at the Lusty Lady. She recently performed her piece “Sleaze If You Please” in Chicago’s Blue Rider Theatre in the 1997 SEXFEST.
SHARI MCKOY an ex-phone sex worker is quite a prolific producer and performer. She has been featured in “Bite Me Again”, “Disputed Territory 1997, Skin: The Black & White of It”, and “Liquid Fire”, all at Luna Sea
ARTEMISIA is a poetess, musician, vocalist and ritualist who has also been a dancer/stripper, dominatrix, phone sex operator, sensual masseuse, and escort to name a few.
ISIS RODRIGUEZ a nude dancer in the San Francisco strip club circuit for the past 7 years, is also a visual artist. Her exhibition “My Life As A Comic Stripper” will open on June 2 and run the duration of the festival. Her mixed media images document her life & work in SF.