New Queer Performances


Qcc presents:

New Queer Performances
Baby Snatching Dingoes and Latin Hustle

Dates: June 11,12,13; 8 pm
Location: SOMAR 934 Brannan St
Tickets: $10 to $15 Sliding Scale
Call: 415.552.7709

with; Sabrina Alonso, Cynthia Billops, Maria Breaux, Rae Rea, and Amy Kelly.


Baby Snatching Dingoes, San Francisco’s loudest and cutest dyke/queer comedy group, is proud to present selections from their upcoming show, BARE-BREASTED AND READY TO RUMBA as part of the New Queer Performances. Witness horrific scenes including an impossible housing hunt, questionable dance trends, and a fool proof dating service as the Dingoes devour any number of mockable feasts. (http://userwww,

with Jaime Cortez, Lito Sandoval, and Al Lujan


Latin Hustle is a comedy trio that lobs creamy loads of joto culture from the place where the Mission meets the Castro. They are unapologetically Latino, queer, bilingual, English monolingual, political, cochino and first and foremost funny. Comedy on the queer Latino tip.

QUEER = Different = odd = strange = eccentric = unusual = Us = all of us. QUEER EQUALS DIFFERENT and different we are. We equals a community of queer performing artists aspiring to embrace difference, celebrate our eccentricities and understand the strangeness of others. What better way to pursue these goals than a festival of theater and performance. The artists participating in this first queer festival come to celebrate the Queer Cultural Center and in fact define that center as a place within the heart, within the spirit and a center within the vastness of imagination—the imagination of us—all of us.
These two weekends of work (New Queer Performances June 11,12,13 & Homo Solo June 19,20,21) represent artists from every avenue of queerness. Each with different goals at the center of their work, all of whom expand our understanding of life in a rapidly transforming culture. These are our voices, this is our humor, these are our thoughts, our stories, this is our culture, well at least at this point in our time.—Adele Prandini, Curator