For Lack of a Better Word

For Lack of a Better Word:
Nearly Shameless Performances Reflecting Intersex Experiences and Shameless Promotion Book
June 20, 8:00pm – doors open at 7:30pm
Ceremonial Room | LGBT Center 4th Floor
Tix: $8 – $15
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Hida Viloria Photo by: Robin Hood Thea Hillman
Photo by Luna Maia
eli2 emiw
Eli. Photo credit: Eli (self-portrait) Emi Koyama Photo: self-portrait

Ever feel you can’t find a word to describe you, your body, or your queer experience of the world? Join the club. For Lack of a Better Word is a book about grappling with normal and coming out the other side. This evening will feature readings and performances by Thea Hillman, as well as local and national luminaries such as Emi Koyama, Hida Viloria, Aidan Dunn, and others.


Thea Hillman
According to a special report by the Traditional Values Coalition entitled “Homosexual Urban Myth,� Thea Hillman is a radical who “conducts erotic readings for homosexual groups” as part of the “homosexual revolution.” According to herself, that’s pretty much correct, but she would add that she is also the author of the critically acclaimed book Depending on the Light. Her second book, For Lack of a Better Word will debut at the National Queer Arts Festival. For more information and performance schedule, visit

Eli (not his real name) was raised by wolves in the wilds of the French countryside at the end of the 19th Century. After being found by nearby townsfolk, he fell in to the hands of a professor who did years of sociological experiments on him in an attempt to discover something worthwhile. Now, years after being cast aside as unprofitable, he eeks out a
living using his skills from the wild combined with the random and unfinished social skills from his days with Professor X, including sporadic forays in to the mediums of the arts (films, articles, spoken word, performance pieces etc.), in an increasingly anonymous manner.

Shar Rednour
Shar Rednour authored The Femme’s Guide to the Universe and produced/directed/created some legendary flicks including the life-altering Healing Sex: A Mind/Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma ( She’s currently making cupcakes and mommying her fabulous boys.

Emi Koyama
Emi Koyama is the director of Intersex Initiative and a proud member of the Thea Hillman Fan Club, Portland chapter. Emi’s writings on gender, race, disability, and yes intersex (among others) can be found at, through which she is putting the “Emi” back in feminism since 1975.Hida Viloria
Hida Viloria is an intersex activist and writer. She has lectured and spoken on the topic numerously including appearances on the Turner Network’s “Wired for Sex” cable television series, ABC’s “20/20” and the internationally released film Gendernauts, and has performed her work at local events including the ForWord Girls Spoken Word Festival and the National Queer Arts Festival. In May 2004, Viloria spoke before the San Francisco Human Rights Commission to urge them to pass legislation to ban surgical alteration of intersex infants. It was the first public hearing held on intersex issues in the United States.

Aidan Dunn
“Aidan Dunn has been a queer, trans and intersex activist for ten years. He served on the Intersex Task Force of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s LGBT Advisory Committee, and he has developed and presented workshops on intersex issues around the world. He is a current board member and former Executive Director of Youth TIES, a transgender and intersex youth education organization. Currently Aidan is a student, a figure skater, and the General Manager of GLAM (Gay, Lesbian & Allied Musicians) Youth Choir in San Francisco.”