June 16 & 17 at 8:00pm
June 18 at 2pm
Jon Sims Center for the Arts

Tickets: $20
Reservations/Inforomation: (415) 554-0402,

Group photo by Kent Taylor

GROUP’s new show, Fracture, investigates families of origin and families of choice. Fracture looks at how being unacceptable by societal and family norms affects one’s access to safety, love and connection. Fracture provides an intimate and intriguing portrayal of these personal experiences.  Fracture was developed during a Fall 2005 AIRspace residency at Jon Sims Center.

GROUP is a performance collaborative founded in 2002 by co-artistic directors Jason Torres Hancock and Oscar Manuel Trujillo.

GROUP’s work investigates, reflects, and presents the lives and stories of Queer people of color. GROUP also focuses on the insider/outsider experiences that women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBT people share in American culture today.


Oscar Manuel Trujillo
Jason Torres Hancock
Javier Cordoba
Aja Randall
Frances Sedayao
Patricia West Sotelo
Alejandra Guanipa