Homo Solo


Qcc presents:
Homo Solo

Date: June 19, 20, 21; 8 pm
Location: SOMAR 934 Brannan St
Tickets: $10 to $15 Sliding Scale
Call: 415.552.7709,

True Margrit
Doug Holsclaw
Sabrina Alonso
Max McBride
Canyon Sam
and many more

Doug Holsclaw is a pioneer of the gay comedy movement. He began at the Valencia Rose in the early 80’s performing in such memorable shows as HISSY FITS and TWO QUEENS IN SEARCH OF A MOTIF with Tom Ammiano. As a solo artist he has performed a trilogy of shows; DON’T MAKE ME SAY THINGS THAT WILL HURT YOU, TATTOO LOVE, and PETE IN PARADISE, at Josie’s Cabaret and other venues across the country. As an actor he has appeared in THE DESK SET, DIRTY DREAMS OF A CLEAN CUT KID and THE SHOW. As a writer his plays include LIFE OF THE PARTY, THE BADDEST OF BOYS and THE LAST HAIRDRESSER, for which he recently received a Dean Goodman Dramalogue Award and a Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for outstanding original script. He is the Associate Artistic Director at Theatre Rhinoceros.

True Margrit You’ve seen her in the nightclubs, now catch True Margrit in the theater! Original songs with unabashed beautiful melodies, quirky grooves, lyrics that transform into musical thoughts. Bluesy phrasings and rumbling timbre are at the stylistic core of True Margrit.

CAPACITY TO ENTER is a hilarious tour of the conflict that arises when desire, identity, Buddhism and modern day America come crashing together. After studying Buddhism in Asia, Ms. Sam returns to California to find her hormones, spiritual commitments and political proclivities all pulling in opposite directions. Before long she finds herself entangled in a 1990’s-style web of desire, while evoking, through finely drawn character monologues, her lesbian separatist mentor, her bewildered Chinese mother, her Zen Buddhist master and her treks to Tibet. Nationally acclaimed writer/performance artist, Canyon Sam has performed throughout the U.S. and Canada, from the Solo Mio Festival to the Walker Art Center, the National Women’s Theater Festival to the Asia Society and Columbia University.

Sabrina Alonso—HOFFA LIVES! And Accidents Happen!—a multimedia performance with music, projection and puppetry.
Following the success of her solo show last year Heaven and the City, Sabrina Alonso with Gomorrah Productions presents: HOFFA LIVES! And Accidents Happen! Under the direction of Beth Doyle, Alonso channels a wide range of characters into a single tale of quirky pathos—evoking a colorful landscape of irony and wit. Written and Performed by Sabrina Alonso and Co-written and Directed by Beth Doyle.

QUEER = Different = odd = strange = eccentric = unusual = Us = all of us. QUEER EQUALS DIFFERENT and different we are. We equals a community of queer performing artists aspiring to embrace difference, celebrate our eccentricities and understand the strangeness of others. What better way to pursue these goals than a festival of theater and performance. The artists participating in this first queer festival come to celebrate the Queer Cultural Center and in fact define that center as a place within the heart, within the spirit and a center within the vastness of imagination—the imagination of us—all of us.
These two weekends of work (New Queer Performances June 11,12,13 & Homo Solo June 19,20,21) represent artists from every avenue of queerness. Each with different goals at the center of their work, all of whom expand our understanding of life in a rapidly transforming culture. These are our voices, this is our humor, these are our thoughts, our stories, this is our culture, well at least at this point in our time.—Adele Prandini, Curator