Hot Topic


Hot Topic
Shani Heckman, Curator/Creating Queer Community Grantee

June 15th, 7:30pm
The Center, Rainbow Room
Tickets: $5-$10, Sliding Scale

Illustration: R. Galas

This Queer video shorts program explores gender, transformation and “passing” through a queer lens. Works-in-progress and finished pieces explore these issues using experimental, comedy, documentary and narrative styles. Selected Shorts include: “Action Man” by Manchester, England’s Joey Hateley; clips from work in progress of “Maggots & Men” by Oakie Treadwell and “Red Without Blue” by Brooke Sebold; trans rapper Katastrophe’s music video “Hella Hos” by Ricky Lee, work by Shawna Virago, and the recently completed documentary “Wrong Bathroom” by Shani Heckman.


Still from Val DesJardins’ short, “Jerking”