It’s That Easy! with Terry Van Ween

Annie Danger as Terry VanWeen
June 19
It’s That Easy! with Terry VanWeen
The revolutionary slideshow that will change your world. For good.
S.F. LGBT Community Center – Rainbow Room
Tickets: $12-$20
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In this groundbreaking night of personal empowerment, Annie Danger presents motivational speaker/personal coach, Terry VanWeen (“van-veen”) and his globally-recognized seminar, It’s That Easy! Through a life-affirming mélange of PowerPoint slideshows, headset microphones, guided meditations, free gifts, and advanced rigging techniques, Terry will help you:

—Break through fears that hold you back from creating a queer revolution (including unconscious fears).

—Learn incredible techniques for finding revolutionary fulfillment in your daily life.

—Develop the physical vitality you need to passionately follow through on fighting the man.

—Learn tools to make making change effortless in a world of dishearteningly drab protest techniques.

—NEW! Understand and take advantage of our new economy!

It’s That Easy! engages time-tested, scientifically-proven methods of personal empowerment to remove the drudgery from 21st century activism. ITE! offers an uncanny mishmash of cunning metaphor, hilarious physical comedy, ecstatic love for the people, and an actual chance to make history.  



Terry VanWeen (“van-veen”) is a world-renowned motivational speaker and personal coach. His It’s That Easy! series of seminars, focusing on revitalizing the political left through building personal mastery and human fulfillment has been sweeping the globe since the first seminarlet in this series premiered in June 2009 at NQAF. Terry started life an orphan left on the doorsteps of the Toastmasters local 289 in Denver Colorado. Raised by speaking enthusiasts, he has since 2003 experienced a meteoric rise on the personal empowerment circuit, most recently smiting Tony Robbins with a stone flung from a sling at the 2008 Chrysler Motivat-a-thon in Dubuque, Iowa.


Annie Danger is a fiend for your attentions. She is fiercely committed to the cause of swiping your thoughts and emotions and running away with them. But don’t worry: she’s a thief who likes to share. What she wants is everything: nothing less than your total commitment to your own brilliant code of ethics, your lusty embrace of ideas you never thought you’d think, and your unflinching connection to laughing and crying your way through the revolution with all your friends by your side. She wants to take you on a trip and to make this trip irresistible. Annie Danger doesn’t note boundaries of genre: look out for PowerPoint presentations, guided meditations, stand-up comedy, raucous calisthenics, or politically-motivated creamed-corn wrestling. Annie Danger is a transsexual performer born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Find out more at:

This event received a Creating Queer Community Commission from Queer Cultural Center funded through the San Francisco Foundation.