Joe Goode Undertaking Harry

Joe Goode Performance Group presents:
“Undertaking Harry”
Thursday – Sunday, June 1-4; 8 pm
Location: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 700 Howard Street
Tickets: $20-25, YBC, 415.978.ARTS


San Francisco’s JOE GOODE PERFORMANCE GROUP presents the world premiere of the latest dance work by choreographer Joe Goode, Undertaking Harry – Part II. The new work, which takes inspiration from gay civil-rights leader Harry Hay, plays in tandem with last year’s acclaimed Gender Heroes – Part I, provoking an evening-long exploration of gender construction.

Undertaking Harry explores one’s relationship to heroic and mythological figures and how those heroes shape and develop one’s identity. This investigation explores both the questions and emotions that inevitably arise when the world of the ideal collides with reality. Extrapolating on the fables presented in Gender Heroes – Part I, Undertaking Harry reveals the complexity and truly human imperfections behind the myth. Using the legendary figure of Harry Hay, Joe Goode portrays the emotions that accompany the journey of self-discovery from his own personal perspective.

Undertaking Harry is presented in association with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. For more information about Joe Goode Performance Group or the gala reception that will follow the June 3 performance, please call 415.648.4848 or visit the web site at