Khoi Nguyen

Khoi Nguyen
StatementAs an artist I have always been interested in queer subject matter. I am currently exploring unique ways to queer open space over relativity of time. Of personal interest to me is the common usage of the queer body subjects in abstract form to question normalcy.The proposed photo installation perfectly into my body of work where I will be able to examine the uncertainly of time and space as the queer body move transnationally. The complex history of war and colonialism of the queer bodies provide a rich foundation for me to reimagine history differently through an alternative time and space.In my research I have identified some transnational artists active over the decades who have done similar works. For example, Nguyen Tan Hoang’s “PIRATE!” is a creative experimental video that challenged our conventional perspective of the open water by interlacing pornographic clips with avant-garde films and footage of sea migration. This inspired me to challenge the traditional narratives of the pleasures from both the sexual and visual perspectives, and to interlace them together as a complex whole narrative.

Furthermore, in respond to Ryan Conrad, “Against Equality: Queer Revolution Not Mere Inclusion,” I want to examine the gay agenda where our complacency has over power our desire for justice. In submission for the National Queer Arts Festival, these images juxtaposed the grotesques against the desirable as an exemplary of our craving for normalcy. As viewers, we consumed the bodily image in the same manners where the fish and the performer are interchangeable. Ours queer bodies have lost its agency in trade for the comfort of the pink dollars endowment