lori rillera

Lori Rillera
 Altar Grrrlz 1
Media: mixed paper
Unframed dimensions: 10″ h x 12″ w
Artist Statement
The anonymity of punk feminist protest collective, Pussy Riot, transform them into anyone who has a grievance with the religious and secular patriarchy. Pussy Riot looks to such movements as the “Riot Grrrls” of the 1990s for inspiration, hence the title of this work, “altar grrrlz.””altar grrrlz” is also a tribute to the girls of the “Star of the Sea” Catholic parish, who are banned from being “altar servers” or “altar girls,” because their pastor, Rev. Joseph Illo, believes only boys can serve.Details from “altar grrrlz”Since the text of “altar grrrlz” is hard to read in this photo, here are some details:
In the center of the collage, the usually placid image of Madonna and Child is animated by the mother admonishing a fussing baby Jesus, “Jesus, will you calm down?”

Perhaps Jesus is upset by the press clipping to his left that states the Vatican issued coins misspelling Jesus’ name as “Lesus.”

In the bottom right corner, an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary quotes Tina Fey, “Bitches get stuff done. That’s why Catholic schools use nuns for teachers and not priests.” Note: Any nun who taught me as a child would have been quick to spot the Vatican’s spelling error!

Meanwhile, masked members of the feminist punk band, Pussy Riot occupy each corner of the collage. A photo, center left, show the band in full battle cry inside of a Moscow cathedral.