La Cebra Danza Gay


La Cebra Danza Gay 10th Anniversary Program
Qcc/The SF International Arts Festival/QueLACo/WESTAFF & the NEA

This Program Has Been Cancelled.

“I‘ve done worse things & I do what I please. Get out if you don’t want me to prove what kind of trash you are!” –Jean Genet


La Cebra adopted this phrase from Jean Genet, because it reflects not only the company’s strength and character, but also because it is a clear example of an irreverent attitude that surpasses all the rules. 

Founded in June 1996 in Mexico by José Rivera, La Cebra Gay Dance Company has won awards, caused controversial scandals, garnered applause and sold out–performances sometimes in the same night!

The main purpose of the Company is to bring the exuberance of Gay culture onto the stage in all of its intricate manifestations.

Featuring: Yo no soy Pancho Villa, ni me gusta el Fútbol (I’m not Pancho Villa & I don’t like soccer); Ave María Purisima — de prostitución y lentejuelas (Holy Sacred Mary – of prostitutes and glittering spangles) and Antes Que Amanezca — Cuando Ya Va Bien Mala – Before Dawn, When She’s Dragging Down and others.

Don’t miss this chance to see La Cebra before they close the whole damn border!

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These activities are supported, in part, with funds provided by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), Qcc, the International Arts Festival, QueLACO and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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General Direction: choreography and Production: José Rivera Moya
Technical Direction and Lighting: Hugo Heredia
Manager: Carlos Cli
Rehearse Assistant: Francisco Ponce*
Company: Adolfo Flores, Francisco Ponce*, Bruno Ramírez, Cristhian Rodríguez, Alejandro Medina and Wilquer Valenciaga
Workshop: José Manuel Hernández, Elliot Islas, Leonardo Tillett and Zaid Valera
Photography: Daniel Ochoa
Ballet Teacher: Felipe Méndez e Irma Morales
Yoga Teacher: Roberto Martínez
Contemporary Dance teacher: Jorge Marcos Manuel y José Rivera Moya
Floor Bar Teacher: Rocío Gutiérrez
Jazz Teacher: Javier García
Wardrobe Keeper and Technician: Wilquer Valenciaga

Acknowledgements: Dr. Moisés Rosas, Maestro Ignacio Toscano, Maestra Magnolia Flores, Carlos Cli, Daniel Ochoa, Tito Vasconcelos, Rosaura Rivera and specially to all the people working at Ballet Independiente.

* Holder of a scholarship from The FECA Durango, 2005 – 2006