Las Bomberas de la Bahia



Las Bomberas de la Bahia, Cherry Gallete, and DJ Rumorosa will be hosting an evening at La Peña Cultural Arts Center. Each of these performers create spaces that invite a celebration of gender non-conformity and insist that there is a beautiful place to be queer, to be human, to be of migrating fierce people. At a venue that has for many years been a place for artists, cultural workers and activist to come together and bring visibility to pressing social justice issues, this group of fabulous performers and activists bring you a night to celebrate this delightful renegade community we have all created in the Bay Area. Come dance, sing a long, cry, and be with your folks!


Las Bomberas de la Bahia: Las Bomberas de la Bahia was founded in November 2007 and is one of only a handful of all-women’s Bomba ensembles to ever exist internationally. The group is composed of Bay Area artists, educators, and activists dedicated to growing the tradition of this living cultural form by highlighting the important role women play in supporting our communities while continuing the legacy of resistance that was born in the sugarcane plantations of Puerto Rico by enslaved persons.

Cherry Gallete: Born into a family of migrant music makers, Ms. Cherry Galette is a Chicana and Moroccan burlesque artist, performance artist and producer who has earned recognition for expanding the genre of burlesque to explore narratives of race, power, empire, and bodies in diaspora, and for presenting genre pushing work based in sultry, sacred, and profane fusions of traditional dance forms and song with story, burlesque and cabaret.

DJ Rumorosa’s sound is Tropical and Nuevo Latino with an emphasis on the Cumbia dissemination from Colombia to Peru, Argentina, Chicano, and Mexican Cumbia. She also focuses on electronic/ soulful house, international and classic hip hop, reggaeton, dancehall, salsa, disco and funk and music that moves the body and soul.