Welcome to the 2013 National Queer Arts Festival Zeitgeist Zeitgeist is a marvelous German word that means the Spirit of the Time.  In our case, we asked visual and performing artists to either imagine what people looking back at Queer Date 2013 would feel were the unique spirits of this time; or to look back […]

The Fully Functional Cabaret is, at its heart, a love letter to trans womanhood. Take a step back, and you will see a familiar story of people seeking healing by shining a light all up in society’s dark places. Come for the camp, glitter, song, dance, shadow puppets, inflatable genitalia, a barbershop quartet, and hilarious […]

This Is What I Want 2012 goes beyond the talk back, and introduces critical discourse panels and a hands-on audience experiential.  Presented in collaboration with Center for Sex and Culture’s Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence and under rigorous curatorial direction by Los Angeles-based London scholar and practicing performance maker Dorian George, TIWIW offers 2 facilitated […]

NERDGASM is an explosion all things Nerdy!  This wild romp features nerdy queers of all stripes. If you’ve ever fantasized about Spock and Kirk getting busy or wondered  xactly what Princess Diana did in her free time on paradise Island you are the audience for this show. Poetry, Storytelling, Comedy and more 100% nerdy.Website:  http://wonderdave.wordpress.com

Following sold-out shows in 2010 and 2011, Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance returns for 3 nights full of provocative performance. Bawdy. Raunchy. Intellectually stimulating! Premiering all new work, we connect generations and genres, with artists presenting Jazz, Blues, Poetry, Burlesque, Film, and Dance in a divinely 21st century Speakeasy. In an era fraught with […]

This is What I Want (TIWIW) is an annual live art festival about desire, intent on redefining the relationship between intimacy and performance.   This year, in it’s third iteration, TIWIW looks at the intimacy of desire through the lens of economy.  Can the reformulation of desire provide a fresh lens through which to consider the […]

That’s What She Said! is a variety show that celebrates the creative work of women. We put everything onstage; stand up comedy,storytelling, poetry and music. On June 26th we will be featuring an all queer line up as part of the Queer Arts Festival! That’s what she said is a free-for-all, fun loving, good time […]

The backbone of The Yellow House Project is the story of my entrepreneurial great-grandmother, Ida Sue Brown, and her queer son, Billy Brown (who was murdered in Cleveland OH in 1982 because of how he dressed). Shortly after his murder my great grandmother died (it is said of a broken heart). She left a beautiful large yellow house to the family where she […]

Attending this 90-minute workshop is mandatory for artists and arts organizations seeking to participate in QCC’s 2013 National Queer Arts Festival or in our 2013 Healthy Community Program. This year, QCC will invite 30 artists and ensembles who attended this initial session to participate in two 6-hour intensive artistic program planning and grantwriting workshops. QCC […]

The World is Your Oyster, Eat Up, Little Pearl, is a dark, funny, sexual (but not sexy) dance by award-winning Minneapolis performance trio Mad King Thomas. This genre-bending piece delves into mythology, archetypes and social boundaries, throwing around sparkles, penis jokes and Barbies with a gleeful disregard for the rules, both social and theatrical. Tying […]