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Welcome to the 2013 National Queer Arts Festival Zeitgeist Zeitgeist is a marvelous German word that means the Spirit of the Time.  In our case, we asked visual and performing […]

The Fully Functional Cabaret is, at its heart, a love letter to trans womanhood. Take a step back, and you will see a familiar story of people seeking healing by […]

This Is What I Want 2012 goes beyond the talk back, and introduces critical discourse panels and a hands-on audience experiential.  Presented in collaboration with Center for Sex and Culture’s […]

NERDGASM is an explosion all things Nerdy!  This wild romp features nerdy queers of all stripes. If you’ve ever fantasized about Spock and Kirk getting busy or wondered  xactly what […]

Following sold-out shows in 2010 and 2011, Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance returns for 3 nights full of provocative performance. Bawdy. Raunchy. Intellectually stimulating! Premiering all new work, we […]

This is What I Want (TIWIW) is an annual live art festival about desire, intent on redefining the relationship between intimacy and performance.   This year, in it’s third iteration, TIWIW […]

That’s What She Said! is a variety show that celebrates the creative work of women. We put everything onstage; stand up comedy,storytelling, poetry and music. On June 26th we will […]

The backbone of The Yellow House Project is the story of my entrepreneurial great-grandmother, Ida Sue Brown, and her queer son, Billy Brown (who was murdered in Cleveland OH in 1982 because of how he […]

Attending this 90-minute workshop is mandatory for artists and arts organizations seeking to participate in QCC’s 2013 National Queer Arts Festival or in our 2013 Healthy Community Program. This year, […]

The World is Your Oyster, Eat Up, Little Pearl, is a dark, funny, sexual (but not sexy) dance by award-winning Minneapolis performance trio Mad King Thomas. This genre-bending piece delves […]