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Sophie Anquez, Paris, France (1962)  Babett Arnold, Berlin, Germany  Elke Aus Dem Moore, Hamburg, Germany (1965)


Sophie Anquez studied at “Beaux Arts” in Paris. She has worked as a freelance photographer since 1980. Several solo and group exhibitions. She was one of the participating photographers of the 1996 Paris “Mois de la photo”.



Babett Arnold calls herself “Kommunikations-Wirtin”.





Elke Aus Dem Moore studied literature and art in Osnabrück, Zürich and Bochum. She is currently working at the “Künstlerinnenarchiv” and “Bildwechsel” in Hamburg.


 Renata Babuchkina, St. Petersburg, Russia (1967)   Marian Bakker, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1944)  Lorena Bernardi, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1960)


Renata Babuchkina studied at the “Novosibirsk Institute of Architecture”. She works as an architect, designer and amateur photographer in St. Petersburg. Her participation in Lesbian ConneXion/s, her first exhibition, is a fantastic encouragement to continue her work in photography.






Marian Bakker studied visual communication at the “Rijksacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten”, Amsterdam. Since 1984 numerous solo and group exhibitions in several Dutch cities, Berlin, Paris, New York and Brussels. She is also actively involved as an activist in the feminist and lesbian movement. She is to be situated on the interface between activism and visual arts. In 1990, she organized the famous exhibition “De flanerende blik”.



Lorena Bernardi is an autodidact. She specializes in portrait and fashion photography.







 Christa Biedermann, Wien, Austria (1953) Marlo Broekmans, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1953)  Traude Bührmann, Berlin, Germany (1942)


Christa Biedermann studied at the “Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst” in Vienna. Since 1983 she worked as a multimedia-artist, filmmaker, painter, photographer and performer. She is also active in feminist and lesbian movements. Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, UK, Bulgaria, New York.





Marlo Broekmans. Photographer since 1977. Worked together with Diana Blok as a “creative couple”. Various coverages of women’s events and exhibitions all over the world. Publications include: “Invisible Forces” (Diana Blok, Bert Bakker), “Frauenbilder” (Ed. Stemmle), and “The Sexual Perspective” (ed. By Emmanuel Cooper, Routledge and Kegan Paul), one of the best studies about homosexuality and art.


Traude Bührmann is a writer, poet and photographer, living in Berlin and Paris. “In my images I tell stories and I write in images”. From 1979 several publications, exhibitions and slide-music-text compositions in different countries. Her most recent publications include the novel “Mohnrot, alias Ola Linz” and “Sie ist gegangen. Geschichten vom Abschied für immer”. She is also actively involved in several emancipatory projects.



 Gon Buurman, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1939) Michelle Campbell, Montrouge, France (1949)  Maria Catsicadacou, Athens, Greece (1970)


Gon Buurman has published recently a book about lifestyles of lesbians and gays. She won several prizes among which the “Zilveren Camera” (1991) and represented the Netherlands in 1996 in “Copenhague Cultural Capital of Europe”. Publications: “Aan hartstocht geen gebek” (1991, text by Karin Spanik), a book of photographs about physically handicapped people and their eroticism, “Over Liefdle” (1995, text Marjo van Soest) a book about love.



Michelle Campbell studied art and photography at the University of Texas; design in Paris. She won several grants and awards. Since 1990 she has been publishing photographs about Jim Morrison and “The Doors”.







Maria Catsicadacou studied at the “Focus School of Photography and Video Arts”. She is a freelance photographer and video editor of cultural events. Since 1986 active in many ways in the Greek lesbian liberation movement. Responsible for the organization and productions of the all-women event “Cyberdykes” in Athens.


 Hilde de Bock, Lochristi, Belgium (1967)  Ming de Nasty, Birmingham, UK (1962) Rachel Dean, Manchester, UK (1969)


Hilde de Bock studied art at the “Rijksinstituut voor Kunstambachten”, Mechelen and at the “Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten”, Gent. Trained as a graphical designer as well. Since 1991 solo and group exhibitions in Gent.




Ming de Nasty has been in numerous exhibitions and publications and received many commissions from 1991 until the present. She specializes in portrait, publicity and sleeve photography for the music industry.




Rachel Dean studied at the “Art and design foundation” at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Exhibitions in Manchester: “Queer pride, what a gay day” (1992) and “Life is a drag” (1977).





Odile Debloos, Amiens, France (1955)  Barbara Dietl, Berlin, Germany (1966)  Yvonne Anne Driehuis, Urtecht, Netherlands (1957)


Odile Debloos lives and works in Amiens in the North of France. Participated in video and photography courses with, among others, Mary Ellen Mark and Marlo Broekmans. In 1988 she made her first appearance in LIBERATION, and had a first solo exhibition “De hel van het zwarte bord” (The hell of the blackboard). Since then several solo exhibitions in France and Latvia and publications in magazines and journal. Some of her photos have been included in the collection of the “Maison de la Culture”, Amiens.






Barbara Dietl studied “Visuelle Kommunikation” a the “Hochschule der Künste” in Berlin. Exhibitions in 1996, a photo installation entitled “What about the body, Judy?”.







Yvonne Anne Driehuis studied psychology and attended the “M.T.S. night course photography” in Den Haag. Since 1986 she has worked as an assistant photographer in advertising. At the present she is a freelance photographer whose interests include painting and computer art. She is working as a teacher and webmistress at the “Utrechts Centrum van de Kunsten”.

 Judith Düsberg, Hamburg, Germany (1966)   Charlotte Eliasson, Solna, Sweden (1969)  Chris Fernie / Julie Fletcher, Manchester, UK (1959/1960)


Judith Düsberg, studied at the “Hochschule der Künste” in Berlin and “Hochschule für bildende Künste” in Hamburg. Since 1993 multiple exhibitions in Germany.






Charlotte Eliasson. Beginning with a general study at the “International Center of Photography”, New York, she then studied art and photography at the University of Stockholm. Solo exhibitions since 1996, including “You never know when you might get lucky” in Karlstad, Sweden. She also participated in several group exhibitions. Since 1994 she works as a video artist.




Chris Fernie / Julie Fletcher. Both trained at the “Blackpool College of Art and Technology”. Joint exhibition entitled “Passionate women” at the “Pankhurst Centre” in Manchester (1997).

 Lola Flash, London, UK (1959) “Fütterung der Engel”, Wien, Austria   Pez Hejduk, Wien, Austria (1968) 


Lola Flash studied art at the “Philadelphia College of Art”, and photography at the “Maryland Institute”. Solo and group exhibitions in London and New York. She teaches photography at several institutes in New York.




“Fütterung der Engel” – Andrea Grimm, foto (1967), Julia Kordina (1972), Ulrike Sladek (1960), Ulla von Stahlstadt (1954), Andrea Witzmann (1970) “Fütterung der Engel” was a collective graduation project at the art academy in Vienna. The resulting exhibition has been on tour since 1996.





Pez Hejduk is trained in portrait, advertisement and industrial photography. A number of exhibitions, including “Ichliebedichinklammerkleinundzusammen” (1994) – on erotic fantasies of women together with Margarete Neundlinger.


 Barbara Herrenkind, Berlin, Germany (1965)  Hilde Holthe-Berg, Oslo, Norway (1967)  Jasna Klancisar, Ljubljana, Slovenia (1973)


Barbara Herrenkind holds a certificate of apprenticeship for photography at the “Lette-Verein Berlin e.V.”. She publishes in daily newspapers and books. She teaches photography at the “Humboldt Universitåt” in Berlin. Her themes include cities (New York, Havana), people, architecture.



Hilde Holthe-Berg studied photography at the “Poly-technical School” in Oslo. Has been a freelance photographer for seven years now, publishing in “the biggest newspaper to the smallest magazine”.








Jasna Klancisar publishes most of her photos in the Slovenian gay and lesbian magazine “Revolver”. Exhibitions in Berlin and Ljubljana.




 Mayanne Könst, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1967) Lenka Králová, Praha, Czech Republic  Gundula Krause, Berlin, Germany (1967)


Mayanne Könst. Since 1991 her work has been published in feminist and lesbian magazines. She also published photos in the book “Amsterdammer Clit Clip” (1994, text by Cornelia Saxe, Tübingen). Presently she is photographer for “Z”, the magazine for homeless people in Amsterdam.



Lenka Králová discovered her talent for photography with her portraits of Martina Navratilova. Group exhibitions in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.





Gundula Krause studied at the “Lette-Verein Berlin e. V.”. She publishes regularly in German magazines.




Olga Kusáková, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1951) Del LaGrace Volcano, London, UK (1957)  Mariella Lo Manto, Bologna, Italy (1966)


Olga Kusáková studied at the “Art Academy” in Uhenské Hvadiste, Czech Republic. She is both a photographer and painter. Exhibitions in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Denmark.










Del LaGrace Volcano studied photography at the “San Francisco Art Institute” and the “University of Derby”. A freelance photographer, and a visiting lecturer in many academic institutions. A lot of solo and group exhibitions, including “Stolen Glances” (1991), which was also published as a book (ed. By Tessa Boffin and Jean Fraser). Another well-known book is “Lover Bites” (1991).




Mariella Lo Manto publishes in several gay and lesbian magazines and participates in cultural events in Milano and Bologna. Group exhibitions in Italy and the Netherlands.






 Karen Machielsen, Houten, Netherlands (1961)   Mare Milin, Zagreb, Croatia (1973)  Margarete Neundlinger, Wien, Austria (1961) 


Karen Machielsen is a lawyer, autodidactic photographer, and member of the “Fotoclub Perspektief” in Houten.








Mare Milin, Zagreb is at the present completing her study of industrial design in Zagreb. Photography for her is “the meaning of life, a way to confirm I’m alive”. She participates in national and international exhibitions and publications.



Margarete Neundlinger studied at the “Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst” in Vienna. She is a freelance photographer who specializes in portrait, reportage and architecture photography. She traveled a lot and participated in group and solo exhibitions.

 Julia Parry, London, UK (1964)  Cathy Peylan, Villevielle, France (1950)  Christine Phan, Paris, France (1964) 


Julia Parry studied at the “Maine Photographic Workshop” and with a “Robert T. Jones Memorial Scholarship” at the “Atlanta College of Art”. Her most recent exhibitions, “Dyke Duos” and “Africa ’97”, are still on tour.







Cathy Peylan started out as a photographer of dancers in 1986. She won the “Grand Prix de la Photographie de Danse” (1990), as well as the “Prix du Jury Noir et Blanc Ilford” (1993). She publishes her photographs in dance magazines and on posters.



Christine Phan studied art at the University of Paris and worked in several photo laboratories. Since 1987 solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Paris and Montréal. She also worked as a filmmaker (short films and video).

Kirsten Plathof, Berlin, Germany (1960)  Vanda Playford, London, UK (1957)  Hucky Porzner, Berlin, Germany (1953)


Kirsten Plathof is an autodidactic photographer. She started making portraits of women. At the moment she is a gardener who specializes in the photography of plants.




Vanda Playford studied medicine and worked until 1988 as a doctor in hospitals in Zimbabwe and London. In London she studied fine arts at the “London Guildhall University” and photographic studies at the “Derby University”. Since 1995, she works as an artist/photographer. Showed her work in solo and group exhibitions.



Hucky Porzner is a video artist, musician and photographer trained at the “Hochschule der Künste” in Berlin. She was a member of the women’s workshop and photogallery “Silberblick” in Berlin and showed her work almost exclusively in women’s exhibitions.




 Linette Raven, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1958) Guy Saint Louis and Sharifa Malik, Erfurt, Germany (1957) Nicole Segers, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1960)


Linette Raven studied photography at the “M.T.S.” in Den Haag. Since 1990 she works as a photographer for diverse magazines and journals. In 1996 she opened her own photo studio. She publishes regularly in “XL”, the magazine of the Dutch gay and lesbian emancipation movement.



Guy Saint Louis (and Sharifa Malik ) is a self-taught, all-round artist and poet. Studied sculpture, ironwork, painting, film and photography. She held exhibitions of all these art forms. Her most recent photo exhibition is: “BLACK-MATRIARCH” (1977).





Nicole Segers as an autodidactic she specializes in photographing the peoples of southern Africa, reflected in reportages such as: “The uncertain future of the rainqueen” (1994) and “Malibongwe” (1990). In 1993 and 1995 she received commissions of the “Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst”. She is a photo editor for several photomagazines.

 Lieve Snellings, Wilsele-Leuven, Belgium (1954)  Olga Stefaniuk, Warsaw, Poland (1954)   Marie-Jeanne Tomasi, Bonifacio, Corse, France (1953)


Lieve Snellings is a social worker in Leuven. She has been an activist in feminist, lesbian, third world and peace-movements for more than 20 years, and her work reflects her social engagement. She studies photography since 1993 at the “Kunst Academie De Lei” in Leuven. Publications in magazines as well as solo and group exhibitions in Belgium, New York, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Franfurt. At the moment she is participating in the publicity campaign for the Eurogames Zürich 2000.



Olga Stefaniuk studied cultural and gender studies as well as photography in France and Poland. She gave performances in Lodz, Paris, Cesta-Tabor and Berlin at cultural, mostly lesbian-feminist, events.











Marie-Jeanne Tomasi made a lot of films since 1982 and is the author of a “filmish” publication: “Images Latentes”, a journal in two hundred and eighty six images about a separation (1993, William Blake & Co.).








 Ingrid van de Vel, Leuven, Belgium (1968)  Janine van Doorn, Zaandam, Netherlands (1969)   Anja van Eersel, Tilburg, Netherlands (1958)


Ingrid van de Vel. After completing a medical study, she is presently working with “Médecins sans frontiéres”. As a self-taught photographer she published the series “Sandwiches in the park” in the “Nieuwsblad”.




Janine van Doorn has worked for the Gay Games Amsterdam 1998. She is a self-taught photographer. The main theme of her work is singers.





Anja van Eersel is a student at the “Fotovakschool” in Apeldoorn and at the “Academie voor beeldende vorming”, Tilburg.

Anya van Lit, Amsterdam/Sydney, Netherlands  Diana van Oort, Harmelen, Netherlands (1963)  Louise en Antoinette Verbree, Nijmegen, Netherlands (1969)


Anya van Lit specializes in reportage photography. She made numerous pictures of the “Mardi Gras” event in Sydney, Australia. At the present she lives in Australia.





Diana van Oort studied psychology and photography. Since 1989 she works as freelance photographer and journalist. She participated in various exhibitions in the Netherlands. She is currently working on a lesbian photo novel.



Louise en Antoinette Verbree studied at the “Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten” in Den Haag, followed by a masterclass where she worked with, among others, Diana Blok. She works as a freelance photographer, often together with her sister Antoinette. “Happily ever after” (1998) is a light-hearted series of postcards on contemporary lesbian life.

 Sandra Vitaljic, Zagreb, Croatia (1972)   Ditte Wessels, Arnhem, Netherlands (1937)


Sandra Vitaljic studied photography at the “Academy of Performing Arts” in Prague and as an “ArtsLink Fellow” at the “Ansel Adams Centre for Photography” in San Francisco. Exhibitions in Zagreb, Prague and Ljubljana.








Ditte Wessels was trained as a social worker and after years of teaching Ditte Wessels decided at a given moment to start a new career. She was trained as an artist at the “Hogeschool voor de Kunsten” in Arnhem. Solo and group exhibitions since 1990 in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Arnhem, Berlin and Paris. In her work she is reflecting on the theme of transitoriness. The question “How will I look after my death” plays a central part.