Roots in Resilience Film Festival


_Roots in Resilience_ key imageBayview Opera House & Qcc present
Roots in Resilience Film Festival
June 19
Bayview Opera House, 1pm

Roots in Resilience
$3 suggested donation at the door



We are all future ancestors. What will you want to preserve? The queer dimensions of San Francisco—a city culturally unique and multigenerational—holds wisdom. Gentrification is affecting people’s sense of place and belonging and pulls away cultures of rootedness.

Roots in Resilience Film Festival showcases how people from communities of color in San Francisco claim agency to the places they call home. The festival displays the work of artists, youth, residents and community members who explore intergenerational blessings in their communities. In order to understand blessings, they fearlessly attempt to also recognize struggle. Festival includes experimental, narrative and documentary shorts–all voice the power of rootedness: Our roots.


jimmyJimmy is a second generation Chinese-Cambodian from the southeast parts of San Francisco. Queer, soul searching and wandering, he is looking to reveal the intimacy people of color in San Francisco develop with the places they call home. This process began during his previous film that explored his parent’s intergenerational geographic amnesia during a trip to their perceived homelands in Southern China. He continues this journey by dedicating his film project to his home in San Francisco–a recent home for his ancestors. His work and curatorial style is inspired by the ways in which his community can be resilient in the midst of blessing and traumas associated with gentrification.