Garage All Stars Vol. 2



1st half – To My Dearest Landscape Painter, I Have Murdered Your Children and Burned Down Your House by With Love Kolmel
2nd half: Vindicated Violence- a multi-media interactive performance by Deceptively Strong

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kolmelpic2_crop-271x300To My Dearest Landscape Painter, I Have Murdered Your Children and Burned Down Your House. Upon the fall of romanticism, a landscape painter ventures far into the woods in hope for redemption, inspiration, fame and a little bit of sympathy. His passions are rekindled upon meeting the woodland creatures, until discovering they have needs and demands all their own. Based on an anonymous memoir of a landscape painter. Kolmel With Love curates, builds cameras and costumes, collaborates with other more talented artists, makes films, and performs. Kolmel’s films have screened in a variety of settings including: Frameline Film Festival, MIX Mexico, Seattle Center of Contemporary Art, RAID Projects and in the upcoming book and DVD “Strange Attractors.” Kolmel has performed in venues including Yerba Buena Center for The Arts, SOMArts Cultural Center, Highways Performance Space, CounterPULSE, The Velaslavasay Panorama Theatre, The Garage, various galleries, a few living rooms, two very nice leather bars, and a piano lounge. Current projects include: 2012 artist in residence at The Garage (SF), creator/host of The News, a monthly evening at SOMArts featuring new queer performance by bay area artists, and the up-coming This Is Theater. This is Magic. This is Some Sort of Craziness That Queers Do, an evening of new experimental film in collaboration with Lex Sloan, funded in part by the Queer Cultural Center (QCC) and debuting in QCC’s 2012 June program in San Francisco.

ri15Vindicated Violence by Mr. Ri’s Deceptively Strong Dance Project features Andrea Cortes-Juarbe, Annah Anti-Palindrome, Cherry Galette, Dominique Nigro, Diego Goméz, Jorrit Poelen, and Sand Chang. Shi Jianqiao, Lolita Lebrón and Valerie Solanas, are three women political assassins whose biographies will be presented.  Shi Jianqiao, shot a Chinese warlord in 1935 in front of a group of forty people while he was praying and was acquitted of all charges.  Lolita Lebrón, after opening fire on the US House of Representatives in 1954, spent twenty-five years in prison and then was pardoned by former president Jimmy Carter.  Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol in 1968 New York City, which lead to his eventual death, and spent only two years in prison.  Incorporating drag, butoh, contemporary dance, experimental video and music, and audience participation, Mr. Ri’s Deceptively Strong Dance project will reflect on the current paradigm of political repression.  Were these women to commit the same acts today their consequences would be much more severe.  In a time when US citizens are murdered by order of the US government under suspicion of terrorism without due process, such as Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan; and the death penalty is enacted even in cases where a substantial amount of doubt is present in the case, as in the story of Troy Davis; when Cindy Sheehan is escorted from a public event for the content of her t-shirt, Mister Ri and the deceptively strong dance project find the stories of women committing violent crimes for political liberation, liberating if only for the reality that there was enough public support in each of their stories to allow them to escape the death penalty and torture.  In order to reclaim our liberated destinies, we must reclaim our hearts and minds.  Mister Ri is invested in creating art that helps decolonize our memories and imaginations.  Remembering and retelling the stories of these women is so important, because it helps our audience see a reality that wasn’t as much of a police state as our current times.  Come on down for an interactive performance that just might blow your mind. Photo of Group by Finley

cherry-galleteCherry Galette








annah-anti-palindromeAnnah Anti-Palindrome








dominique-nigroDominique Nigro








jorrit-poelenJorrit Poelen








sand-changSand Chang








andrea-cortes-juarbeAndrea Cortes-Juarbe








mr-riMr. Ri photo by Najva Sol






diego-gomezDiego Goméz