June 9, 2018
APICC, Bindlestiff & Qcc
BINDLESTIFF, 5pm door show starts at 5:30pm
Tickets: $15-25
Ticket Link:

Memorya weaves voices of elders and emerging artists into narratives of collective strength and wisdom. Performances explore stories of working class Filipinos balancing tensions between blood and chosen family, displacement and belonging. Queer elders guide younger generations; music becomes a portal to the spirit world; dance becomes a meditation on migration, love and gender identity. As we honor the healing journeys that take place within community, we make space for the present, the future and the past.

Kreatibo has used video, movement and multimedia performance to center Queer Filipin@ diaspora since 2003.

Participating Artists: Penny Baldado, Tina Bartolome, Leila Be, Maiana Minahal, Trinity Ordona, Frances Sedayao, Tonilyn Sideco

Kreatibo’s story began in 2003 with “Halo-Halo,” Kreatibo’s first show, which showcased multi-media theater and poetry to sold-out audiences. In 2005, “A Family Affair,” won Curve Magazine’s annual Lesbian Theatre Award. Kreatibo launched a Reunion Show for the 2017 National Queer Arts Festival.

Photographer: Leila Be; Model: Frances Sedayao

Creating Queer Community Program